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Rituls Of Ashadhi Ekadashi

If it is not possible to observe the ekadashi of every Hindu calendar,one can at least observe the ekadashi of the bright fortnight.On both the ekadashis of Ashadh month,Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Shridhar (one of the Names of Lord Vishnu).A deep (lamp) of clarified butter (ghee) is kept lit throughout the night of an Ashadhi ekadashi.

Early in the morning a divine bath is taken and a visit is paid to a Vitthal Mandir to take divine 'darshana' of God Vithoba-Rakumai.On ekadashi day,the food intake should be limited to only water and a mixture of dried ginger (suntha) and sugar.Else,one can consume the food items as per the Hindu fasts (upavas). These foods, being sattvik,do not reduce one's sattva component,diverting the attension from the God (the aim of a fast is to be close to God),A fast observed on an ekadashi is ended the following day.