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Sant kabir jayanti-About

Sant Kabir was a great devotee of Lord Rama. 

He lived in the holy city of Kashi (Varanasi) around the 14th century.

Sant Kabir’s life is full of wonder and mysticism. 

It seems as though a self-realized soul was sent by God to spend a lifetime on Earth to teach people practical religious wisdom at a time when religion was reduced to mere formalities and ritualism by the priests and mullahs.

Kabir was found as a baby by the Mohammedan family of Neru and Nima, who adopted him and raised him as their son. 

From childhood, Kabir was religiously inclined. Devotion to God came naturally to him. 

He got initiated into the sacred Rama Mantra by his Guru, Sri Ramananda (a great saint of those times). 

He had enormous faith in the Name of God (Raam Naam) and prescribed it as a remedy for all problems.

He was a powerful self-realized saint and lived and preached the Truth without fear or restraint. 

Many people were attracted to him and they gathered around him at the loom or in the marketplace to listen to his sweet, soul-stirring and sublime songs and inspiring discourses.

Kabir preached the unity of all men and creeds. 

He was loved by both the Mohammedans and the Hindus.

Kabir’s works are mostly collections of songs. 

His language is very simple and his style beautiful. He has captured a world of meaning into small couplets (calledDohas) which are on the tongues of most Indians to this day.