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Saturday Vrat

Once there was an argument between all the nine planets about who was the supreme among all of them. Lord Indra advised them to approach King Vikramaditya on Earth for an appropriate answer.

The planet-Gods approached the king with their question which led him in a big dilenma.However,he came up with a solution.The king ordered to make thrones of gold, silver,bronze, copper, glass, iron etc. and arranged them in the proper order,like gold in front and iron be the last.

Then he requested the Planet-Gods to occupy them. He said that the throne that is in front would occupy the highest place among them. Since iron was at the end, the Lord Shani understood that the King had chosen him to be the weakest.

Lord Shani was very much angry and he warned the King of dire consequences.

After a lapse of time, came the period of 'Saade Saati' ( a period of 7 ½ years) of King Vikramaditya.Lord Shani in disguise of a horse seller approached the King who chose a beautiful horse.As he sat on the horse,he ran far away into the jungle and disappeared.

The King got lost in the forests and finally reached a town,where he took a rest outside a shop.Surprisingly on that day,the shopkeeper got a roaring business and thought that this man brought him luck.The shopkeeper took him to his house and fed him.

But,while he was in their house, an expensive ornament got lost and he was arrested and brought to the royal court, who ordered that all his four limbs be executed from the body.

Later on,the King earned his living by pulling a bullock cart with his teeth. After the 'Saade Sati',the Shani period of the King got over, he went on singing loudly. On hearing this,the royal princess was so impressed that she vowed that she would marry this singer and no one else.

On her insistance,her parents got her married to the King.On the same night,Lord Shani came in King's dreams and told him that his present state was because he had announced Lord Shani to be the weakest among the planets.

King Vikramaditya apologised and the God excused him, and made him normal with his limbs restored.The King told Lord Shani about his sufferings and requested him that he should not give so much misery to anyone. Lord Shani agreed and proclaimed that whosoever listens and narrates his stories will be relieved from all evils and miseries.

The trader whose necklace was lost came to know the facts and rushed to the King Vikramaditya and apologised him and took him for meals at his place.As the King was having meals at his house ,miraculously the lost necklace reappeared.

The trader was so much pleased that he got the king married to his daughter.The King Vikramaditya returned to his native town,with his wives and lot of wealth.
Next day the King announced that Lord Shani was the Supreme among the planets and no one will ever undervalue the strength of Lord Shani.

The King observed the Vrat of Lord Shani,on Saturdays.
Those who worship Lord Shani on Saturdays and observe Vrat will have no worries and will lead a happy life.