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Simla summer festival-About

The simla summer festival is celebration in simla very big fun.Summer Festival in Shimla begins in May, after all it is summer festival and this is the second month of summer. All parts of Himachal Pradesh turn into a colorful place. Even nature seems to participate in the festival in its own unique way. With the arrival of summer it becomes greener and fresher. People too bring color by decorating places and streets. Summer actually brings a comfortable weather in this hilly region. So this is really a celebration of getting out form the clutches of bone chilling winter.

Summer Festival in Shimla is also a way to ask the Gods for a better harvest in the New Year. The festival highlights the rich cultural diversity of India. Tourists would really enjoy here. They can interact with the local people apart from enjoying the pleasant weather and the entertainments available here.

Enthusiastic school children also take part in the festivities and many competitions are organized for their amusement and enjoyment. These children also put up various cultural acts and performances and the Summer Festival acts as a stage to showcase their talent and skills. Other events include photography competition, poster-making competition and a fashion show that showcases the talent of local designers. The unique thing about this fashion show is that it showcases folk dresses. The Summer Festival is the perfect time to indulge in festivity and celebration.