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Sunday Vrat

There was a god fearing old lady who was very poor and could not afford to buy a cow.She collected cowdung from neighbourhoods,for performing puja,every mornings.She had her meals,only after the pooja.

One day,the neighbour decided to lock the cow inside the house,so that she would not get the cowdung.The lady, unable to get the cowdung, could not perform the puja and fasted for the whole day.

God,who witnessed the happenings, came in the old lady's dreams and told her that he was pleased with her devotion and was presenting her with a Cow.The lady woke up to find a cow standing in her courtyard.

Before the lady woke up, her neighbour had seen the cow and was surprised to see that instead of cowdung, the cow was excreting gold. Out of jealousy, she picked up the gold and substituted it with cowdung.

One evening the God created a storm.Seeing this the old lady locked her cow inside her house. When she woke up, she was surprised to see the gold and realised what her neighbour was upto. Thereafter she made it a practice to lock the cow inside and collect the gold.With the time she began to prosper.

Out of jealousy, the neighbour informed this to the king when the king ordered to get the cow in his custody.The old lady protested but the king's men brought the cow to the palace.But in the morning, instead of gold, the entire palace was full of cowdung.

The God came in the King's dreams and asked him to return the cow to it's rightful owner. The King realised his mistake and promptly sent the cow back to the lady and punished the neighbour.

There after the King ordered that on Sundays, all should observe a Vrat for a peaceful and happy life.