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Tuesday Vrat

A Brahmin couple had no children.They aspired for a child and therefore worshipped Lord Hanuman and his wife kept a Vrat on Tuesdays.

Once the Brahmin went to the jungle to pray to the Lord Hanuman,by leaving his wife behind.But for some reason she could not worship Lord Hanuman and decided to fast. She fasted for 6 days following which she collapsed.

The Lord was pleased with her devotion and blessed her with a son.On return,the Brahmin saw a sweet boy playing in the courtyard and the wife explained the entire story.But the suspecious Brahmin thought otherwise on her character and did not believe her story.

The Brahmin who was restless, went to the well to get water with the boy and pushed him into the well and returned home.When his wife inquired about the boy he kept mum but suddenly the boy appeared at the door and the Brahmin was stunned to see him.

Soon,Lord Hanuman appeared in his dreams and settled all his doubts when the Brahmin felt very guilty and apologised.The parents continued their fast on Tuesday.

It is believed that those who worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and narrate this story to others,will be relieved from all the evils and will lead a happy life.