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Wednesday Vrat

There was a couple who led a happy life.Once the wife was in her parents place and after some days her husband reached there to take her back.However,the in-laws requested him not to travel, being Wednesday and it was inauspicious to do so.

The firm husband did not listen and proceeded back home with his wife.While travelling the wife was thirsty and requested him to get some water.On return the husband was stunned to see a man seated beside his wife,who was his look-alike.

The man said that he was the lady's husband and there were heated arguments.Soon the royal police force came to arrest the real husband,who soon started praying to the God for solution.

An Akashwani(voice from the skies) was heard ,that on wednesday, he travelled by taking his wife back from her native house,which was inauspicious.He realised his mistake and requested the Lord for apology.

The Lord appeared before him and finished the other man in disguise.The couple returned home safely.

Further the couple observed the Wednesday Vrat regularly without fail.