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Gauri vrat 2013,Gauri puja Mining Of puja

Puja is a word in Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, words are formed with meaning in mind. For instance in the word puja,

p :- stands for 'paapa' meaning sins.
j :- stands for 'janma' means birth.

      With 'p' it removes all accumulated sins, and with 'j' it makes your life's (birth)purpose fulfilled.
The Lord being not accessible to our eyes, ears, nose, touch and beyond the ken of ordinary (un-refined) intellect, the ancients devised a method of bringing Lord within the realm of the senses.
      This method is to worship Him (Her or It) in an object (photo, water, fire, precious jewel, idol etc) which you can touch, feel, smell, see, feel the taste of. Thus all wandering senses are brought to a focus, by belief (faith) and by daily practice.

     Unshakable faith and long practice, evokes and unfolds hitherto unknown dimensions in awareness, which are generally not communicable in the normal way. Remember the British king who sent his friend Becket to sabotage the Church. Once Becket started working for the church, he got convinced and got converted to their line of thinking and found that the king's views were neither noble nor fair.

    Brenen writing in 'Power Play' says that the easterners are centuries ahead in the control of mind and related topics. By puja you will be in a position to inject the noblest thoughts in the subconscious. Above all, one will succeed in solving the mystery of 'Life' .