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Guru Purnima(Vyas Purnima) Today2012 -Wishes

Today 3rd July 2012 is Gurupurnima Known as a Vyas Purnma.Today day of the Full Moon (Purnima) during the month of Ashadh in the Hindu calendar there is a celebration which all Hindu devotees follow – it is the day when they worship their own Guru, hence the name Purnima Guru.

Today it is said that Krishna-dwaipayana Vyasa was born. Known as Vyasa-maharsi, he is regarded as one of the great servants of Vedic studies and the author of the Mahabharata, one of the two major Sanskrit epic poems (the other is the Ramayana) which define much of Hindu thinking and worship.

By studying the Vedic hymns and writings, he was able to divide them into four parts, based upon their use in the sacrificial rites. He then allocated them to his principal disciples – his gurus – known as Paila, Jaimini, Sumantu and Vaisampayana

Wish all of a Happy Gurupurnima.