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Kamika Ekadashi2012 Coming Date-About Kamika Ekadashi-Kamika Ekadashi Vrat-Kamika Ekadashi Sms2012-Kamika Ekadashi Greetings2012-Kamika Ekadashi Video

Kamika Ekadashi Coming Date

Kamika Ekadashi(Ashadhi Ekadashi) will Coming on 14 July 2012 ,Saturday. 

     Parana means breaking the fast. Ekadashi Parana is done after sunrise on next day of Ekadashi fast. It is necessary to do Parana within Dwadashi Tithi unless Dwadashi is over before sunrise. Not doing Parana within Dwadashi is similar to an offence.

     Parana should not be done during Hari Vasara. One should wait for Hari Vasara to get over before breaking the fast. Hari Vasara is first one fourth duration of Dwadashi Tithi. The most preferred time to break the fast is Pratahkal.

     One should avoid breaking the fast during Madhyana. If due to some reasons one is not able to break the fast during Pratahkal then one should do it after Madhyana.

     At times Ekadashi fasting is suggested on two consecutive days. It is advised that Smartha with family should observe fasting on first day only.

      The alternate Ekadashi fasting, which is the second one, is suggested for Sanyasis, widows and for those who want Moksha. When alternate Ekadashi fasting is suggested for Smartha it coincides with Vaishnava Ekadashi fasting day.

     Ekadashi fasting on both days is suggested for staunch devotees who seek for love and affection of Lord Vishnu.

Kamika Ekadashi Vrat

According to Hindu beliefs, a devotee observing a vrat on Kamika Ekadashi is believed to have being blessed more than a person performing ritual baths in all the sacred rivers in India on auspicious days.

Also, a devotee completing the Kamika Ekadashi vrat is likely to receive more punya, or blessings, from the Lord than one who has visited all Hindu holy places, such as Kasi, Haridwar, Kedarnath, etc. 

In this day, Lord Vishnu is worshipped using Tulsi leaves since due to the belief that this will wash away all the sins and evil deeds performed during the entire life.

Also lamps are filled with ghee or sesame oil and lit at Sri Krishna temples as part of the offerings. Another major belief for observing this fast is that Kamika Ekadashi is equivalent to reciting all the scriptures dedicated to Lord Vishnu. However, the greatest merit of observing 

Kamika Ekadashi vrat is achieving Vaikunta Prapthi, that is, attaining salvation in Vishnu Lokam. This indicates that the devotee’s devotion would not be disturbed by Yamadharmaraj, the lord of death, in heaven. For observing the Kamika Ekadashi vrat, the same rituals and customs apply as that of the other Ekadashi fasts.

Kamika Ekadashi Sms2012

On ocassion of Vaikunda Kamika Ekasashi
May Lord Vishnu Bless You,
And fullfill all your wishes,

May the Lord Vishnu
remove all obstacles and 
shower you with bounties
Happy Kamika Ekasashi

On the aucpiciuos ocassion of Kamika Ekasashi
May Lord Balaji Bless You,
Give you health and wealth,
And fullfill all your wishes,

Tal vaje,Mrudung vaje. 
Vaje Haricha Veena !! Mauli 
nighale Pandhar pura, 
mukhane Vittal Vittal bola !
jay Jay Ram Krushna Hari ! 
Happy ! Aashadi Ekadashi
Happy Kamika Ekadashi

Kamika Ekadashi Greeting2012

Wish all of a Happy Kamika Ekadashi2012

Kamika Ekadashi Video