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Pavitra Ekadasi2013 Coming Date-Pavitra Ekadasi About-Pavitra Ekadasi SMS2013-Lord Vishnu Images

Pavitra Ekadasi is Celebrated on 17 August 2013.

Pavitra Ekadasi About

Pavitra Ekadasi, or Pavitropana Ekadashi, is observed during the waxing phase of the moon in Shravan or Sawan month (July – August). In 2013, the date of Pavitra Ekadashi is August 17. The importance of Pavithra Ekadashi was explained to Yudhisthira by Lord Krishna and is found in the Bhavisyotara Purana. Jhulan Yatra. an important festival associated with Lord Krishna, Radha and Lord Jagannath, begins on this Ekadasi day.

This Ekadasi is known as Putrada Ekadashi in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

It is widely believed that a son is born to the couple that observes Pavitra Ekadasi. There is an important story in the Puranas that indicate that Sage Lomasa advising a King to observe the Ekadasi so that he will beget a son.

Fasting on this day also washes away all the remorse and regret of sins performed. All grains are avoided on this day. Some staunch devotees stay awake during the night on the day.

Pavitra Ekadashi Sms2013

Tal vaje,Mrudung vaje.
Vaje Haricha Veena !! Mauli
nighale Pandhar pura, 
mukhane Vittal Vittal bola !! !!
jay Jay Ram Krushna Hari !!
 Happy !Pavitra Ekadashi

Pavitra Ekadashi Wishes,Greetings

All of a Very very Happy Pavitra Ekadashi2013

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