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Raksha Bandhan2013 Coming Date

Raksha Bandhan is coming Genraly Gujarati month Shravan Sud Purnima day of 15, and English Month 21 August 2013.This Festival Known as "Shravani Purnima"," Balev","Rakhi Festival" and "Brother and Sister's Festival".

About Raksha Bandhan

The traditional Hindu festival 'Raksha Bandhan' (knot of protection) was came into origin about 6000 years back when Aryans created first civilization - The Indus Valley Civilization. With many languages and cultures, the traditional method to Rakhi festival celebration differs from place to place across India. Following are some historical evidences of Raksha Bandhan celebration from the Indian history.

Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun
The story of Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun is the most significant evidence in the history. During the medieval era, Rajputs were fighting Muslim invasions. Rakhi at that time meant a spiritual binding and protection of sisters was foremost. When Rani Karnawati the widowed queen of the king of Chittor realised that she could in no way defend the invasion of the Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, she sent a rakhi to Emperor Humayun. The Emperor touched by the gesture started off with his troops without wasting any time.

Alexander The Great and King Puru
The oldest reference to the festival of rakhi goes back to 300 B.C. at the time when Alexander invaded India. It is said that the great conqueror, King Alexander of Macedonia was shaken by the fury of the Indian king Puru in his first attempt. Upset by this, Alexander's wife, who had heard of the Rakhi festival, approached King Puru. King Puru accepted her as his sister and when the opportunity came during the war, he refrained from Alexander.

Lord Krishna and Draupathi
In order to protect the good people, Lord Krishna killed the evil King Shishupal. Krishna was hurt during the war and left with bleeding finger. Seeing this, Draupathi had torn a strip of cloth from her sari and tied around his wrist to stop the bleeding. Lord Krishna, realizing her affections and concern about him, declared himself bounded by her sisterly love. He promised her to repay this debt whenever she need in future. Many years later, when the pandavas lost Draupathi in the game of dice and Kauravas were removing her saari, Krishna helped her divinely elongating the saari so that they could not remove it.

King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi
The demon king Mahabali was a great devotee of lord Vishnu. Because of his immense devotion, Vishnu has taken the task of protecting bali's Kingdom leaving his normal place in Vikundam. Goddess lakshmi - the wife of lord Vishnu - has became sad because of this as she wanted lord Vishnu along with her. So she went to Bali and discussed as a Brahmin woman and taken refuge in his palace. On Shravana purnima, she tied Rakhi on King Bali's wrist. Goddess Lakshmi revealed who she is and why she is there. The king was touched by Her and Lord Vishnu's good will and affection towards him and his family, Bali requested Lord Vishnu to accompany her to vaikuntam. Due to this festival is also called Baleva as Bali Raja's devotion to the Lord vishnu. It is said that since that day it has become a tradition to invite sisters on sravan pournima to tie sacred thread of Rakhi or Raksha bandan.

Raksha Bandhan2013 Celebration

Raksha Bandhan is celebration in india very popular hindu festival.This Day sister Making a Rakhi ti her Brother.It is not the rituals, customs and traditions that change over the time but thecelebration styles and perspectives that become contemporary. For centuries this festival has been celebrated in the same way. The traditions are followed with the same enthusiasm. The gaieties have only blown up to a large scale. It is thecelebration of the chaste bond of love amongst the siblings.

The preparations begin much in advance. Some twenty days ahead of the festival you can see colorful rakhis in the market. Girls start the shopping and preparations quite early. The shop for new clothes and buy rakhis specially the ones that have to be sent to the brothers staying far. The sweet shops, the garment shops, gift shops, all are flooded with things to attract people.

On the Raksha Bandhan day, the festivities start by the day break. Every one gets ready early and gathers for the worship of the deities. After invoking the blessings of the Gods, the sister performs brother’s arti, puts tika and chawal on his forehead and ties Rakhi amongst chanting of mantras. Then she gives him Rakhi sweets Recipe and gifts. The brother accepts her offerings and vows to take care of her and be by her side in the time of need. As a token he gives the sister a return gift and sweets.

The Raksha Bandhan ceremony ends here and the celebrations begin.Femily singing a Rakhi Songs. The family reunion itself is the reason for celebration. Tasty dishes, sweets, gifts, sing and dance and what not. Any Indianfestival is incomplete without this.

Congregations like Rakhi Mohotsavas were started by Rabindra Nath Tagore in Shantiniketan. He started this to propagate the feeling of brotherhood amongst people. This invoked trust and feeling of peaceful coexistence. Thefestival for them is a symbol of harmony. The tradition continues as people tie rakhis to the neighbours and close friends. It is a festival denoting National sentiments of harmony.

Raksha Bandhan2013 SMS


Rakhi Greetings and Best Wishes                                                
Sister is some1 who is caring & sharing.
Sister can understand things u never said.
She can understand pain, which is not visible 2 any1.
I luv my sister.
Rakhi Greetings & Best Wishes for You.


Rishta hai janmo ka hamara
Bharose ka aur pyaar bhara
Chalo, ise bandhe bhaiya Rakhi ke atut bandhan mein.
Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest bro. 

May this Rakhi bring you everything you
desire and everything you dream of.
May success accompany you in every
step that you take.
Have A Blessed Rakhi

Usaka Husn gaya kaleja cheer
Nayano Se barbas Chhuta ek teer
vo Muskrai, Nazdeeq aai
Boli, Rakhi Bandhwale mere veer.

Bhagwan kare tujhe bahut pyaar mile
sabhi ladkiyan tujhe baandhe rakhi
tujhe jeevan bhar ka unka saath mile.
Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Sister is someone who is caring and sharing.
Sister can understand things you never said 
She can understand pain 
which is not visible to anyone.
 I love my sister.

Dear Brother, on this Raksha Bandhan 
I wish to say that you are the 
best brother and you mean to me 
the whole world. 
Happy Raksha Badhan.

The warmth of Ur love is
all I need during cold times.
Happy Raksha Bandhan Didi.

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Raksha Bandhan 2013 Screps