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Coming Date Sab-E-barat2013 

Sab-E-Barat is Coming on 1st July 2013.
About Sab-E-barat 

India is a home of many religions and cultures; every religion celebrates their specific festivals. Muslim community also contributes to Indian population. Muslims from across the world commemorate the festival of Shab-E-Barat with splendor and zest.

They believe that the god writes the future of all men by accounting for all the past deeds committed by them on the night of Shab-E-Barat. Basically Shab-E-Barat means the night of forgiveness or Day of Atonement, Shias see it as the night on which their 12th and last Imam, Imam Muhammad Abul Qasim has been born.

‘Shab-E-Barat’ is a Persian word composed of two distinct words, ‘Shab’ which means night and ‘Barat’ which means ‘the night of payment or assignment’ in Persian. In Arabic the day is known as Lailatul Bara'at, meaning the night of liberation.

The Prophet visits each house and eases the troubles of suffering humanity on this night. According to the legend associated with Shab-E-barat a special tree in heaven has the names of all mankind on its leaves and if a leaf with the name of a person falls this night, then it is strongly believed that he/she is destined to die the same year.

People pray to god and recite holy Quran whole night to forgive them for their evil deeds. Muslim visit graveyard early in the morning and offer flowers, read fateha for the peace of the near ones departed souls. The festival is fĂȘted on thirteenth or fourteenth day of Sha’ban month of Islamic calendar or fifteen days before the commencement of Ramadan. The festival is also known as Boraks Nigh.

 Shab-E-Barat Prayers 

Celebrate the festival of Shab-E-Barat by offering prayers to the almighty. Here is a list of some exclusive prayers to be offered on Shab-E-Barat festival : Nawafil for Shab-e-Baraat
   Read 6 rakaat Nafl prayer (2+2+2), after Magrib. After every two rakaats read Surah Yaseen once. This special prayer, by the blessing of Allah Almighty, will give you a healthy and prosperous life for the whole year.

         Read 12 rakaat nafl prayer, in each rakaat read:
            Surah Fatiha (Alhamdo) : once,
            Surah Iklas: 10 times.
            Afterwards read:
            3rd Kalima : 10 times
            4th Kalima : 10 times
            Darood Sharif : 100 times
            Read 8 rakaat nafl prayer with one salaam. In each rakaat read
            Surah Fatiha (Alhamdo) : once,
            Surah Iklas: 11 times.
            Read this dua : "Allahumma inni al-aloka afwa wal afiyata wal muafatad-daimata fid dunya wal  akhirah"                                                            
      Read 100 rakaat naflt prayer reciting in each rakaat reciting :
      Surah Fatiha (Alhamdo) : once,
      Surah Iklas: 10 times.

 What is Shab-E-Barat

Shab-E-Barat means the night of forgiveness or Day of Atonement. People pray to god both in preparation for Ramadan and for the forgiveness of the sins committed by them. The festival is also known as Boraks Nigh.

 In Persian language, 'Shab' means night and 'Barat' means - the night of commission or assignment. In Arabic language, however, the day is known as Lailatul Bara'at, meaning the night of emancipation. Some though see Shab-E-Barat as the night of good fortune and a popular legend says that on this night the Prophet visits each house and relieves the pains of suffering humanity.

 The night of Shab-E-Barat also commemorates the entry of Muhammad into the city of Mecca. However, Shia Muslims associate this night with the birth of their last Imam.


Skies light up on the night of Shab-E-Barat as the festival is celebrated in the night. Houses and streets are are also illuminated by candles and strands of electric bulbs to provide a joyful ambiance to the festival.

 Colourful fire works keep dazzling the skies as the Muslims stay awake on the night of Shab-E-Barat. This is due to a belief that god writes the destinies of all living beings for the coming years in heavens during the night. Sweets, specially the delicious savaiyyan or the vermicelli is prepared and sent to friends and also to the relatives in their remembrance of those who died during the year.

 Some also perform acts of charity by distributing goodies to the poor and needy in the name of their deceased ancestors. Flowers are also offered to the graves of the deceased family members. Fatiha or the blessings are recited over the meal in the name of the Prophet, his daughter Fatima and her husband Ali. The Holy Book of Quran is also read to mark the day.

Muslims hold a belief that if someone prays to Allah throughout the night and seek forgiveness for all the sins he may have committed, he could be forgiven. Therefore, the entire night of prayer is devoted to asking for forgiveness for the past year and for good fortune in the year to come.

Some people also go to mosques for prayers and meditation. While some Muslims fast during the day and render nafal, the optional namaz at night. It may be noted that there is no mention of Shab-E-Barat in the holy book of Quran. However, Sura Dukhan does mentions about Laila Mubaraka, which, according to the learned scholars of the Quran and the Hadith, is Shab-E-Barat.

 Shab-E-barat SMS


Rahmaton ki hai yeh raat,
Namazon ka rakhna sath,
Manwa laina rab say her bat,
Duaon main rakhna yaad,
Mubarak ho aap ko,


Shab-E-Barat is to arrive,
Our future of Life or Death will b written this night.
So i openly Apologize 2 u if i ever have hurt u directly or indirectly.
Please Forgive Me.


 May Allah Bless You And Your Family
With His Countless Blessngs On Shab E Baraat.
 Remembr Me And My Family In Prayers!


15 Shaban A Blessing Night Is Very Near
A Real Day Of Calculation Of Life Death
Food Shelter Every Thng Is Going To Decide For Next Year,
If U Ever Found Me Doing Back Biting,
If I Ever Hurt U Directly/Indirectly..
So Please Forgive Me! For That..
And Remember Me & My Fmly In Ur Prayerz!
May Allah Grant Countless
 Blessing To U And Your Family

Ya Allah Jisne Bhi Sab E Barat Ke Raat
Aap Ki Ebadat Me Gujari Ya Alah Tu
Un Sab Ki Dua Ko Kubuk Karna Aur
Jo Nahi Kar Paye Unhe Hedayat Dena,
Aur Unki Bhi Magfirat Karna Aaaaaaaami

Please Please Is Muqadas Rat Ko
Aatish Bazi Mat Karein Yahan Pe
Saudi Arab Me Aaj Tak Maine Is Moke Pe
Koi Atish Bazi Hoti Nahi Dekhi Ager Krna Hota
To Sab Se Pehle Yahan Log Krte Phir Pori Donya Me.

Jo Aj Ki Raat 3 Martaba Surah Yaseen Parhe
 Ga Allah Uski Umar Me Barkat Rizk Me
Izafa Aur Farakhi Aur Naghani Afaat Se
 Mehfooz Rakhe Ga Shab-e-Barat Mubarak Ho

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