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Today 21 March is a world Forest Day.All World Celebrate today Forest Day.

Celebration Forest Day

The history of exploitation and destruction of forests in India goes back to the British period when the forests wealth were consumed for commercial gains. The trend continued even after independence and the forests were used not for imperative economic growth but for other various reasons. The denudation of forest land, however, had now slowed down in recent years despite human and commercial pressures due to efforts made by various agencies. The Himalayan region is the most threatened area in India. The growing population, one of the main factors for deforestation, increases the need of land for more food production to feed the growing number of people causing environmental degradation.

World Forestry Day has been celebrated around the world to ring a bell among the society about the importance of forests and the scores of benefits which are gained from them. The concept of celebrating a day every year as World Forestry Day originated at the 23rd General Assembly of the European Confederation of Agriculture in 1971
The event also venerates the contribution of the forests. Every year March 21 is distinguished as World Forestry Day.
A forest just doesn’t mean trees only but it’s an entire complex, living community.
Many interdependent populations of plants and animals too dwell beneath the forest canopy; the forest soil is a home to large variety of invertebrates, bacteria and fungi which play an essential role in cycling nutrients in the soil and the forest.
The reckless felling of trees is creating many problems in the surroundings so the need of the hour says that everybody should ponder seriously over it.
Everybody should actively involve themselves in prevention and creation of new forests.
According to rules of Forest Deptt, 10 trees should be planted in place of cutting of one tree. Though in last two decades only 1% trees are planted.
The survival of the rich generation of flora and fauna in the country is in danger due to exploitation of forests, cutting of forests in Hilly areas is loosening the soil, thus the upper layer of fertile earth is eroding which is resulting in uncontrolled rain and flood. India economy largely depends on agriculture.
Erosion is seriously effecting the agricultural production.

World Forest Day SMS2013


On this World Forest Day
Lets pledge for a better tomorow
Lets wipe out poverty, illetracy and
Bring on the smiles, forget the sorrow


Live a life of peace
Make space for everyone
Take an oath today
Our new journey has just begun
Happy World Forest Day

Forest Day.

World Forest Day Greetings

World Forest Day Wishes

All Of a Happy World Forest Day

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