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Aja/Ananda Ekadashi-Aja/Ananda Ekadashi Coming Date2012-Aja /Ananda Ekadashi Vrat Story-How To Observe Aja Ekadashi /Ananda Vrat-Aja/Ananda Ekadashi SMS-Aja/Ananda Ekadashi Pictures-Aja /Ananda Ekadashi Video

Aja Ekadashi Coming Date2012

This year Aja Ekadashi or Ananda Ekadashi is observed on 13th August 2012.

Aja /Ananda Ekadashi Vrat Story
Ekadashis are a favorite of Lord Vishnu. Observing the Ekadashi Vrat on this day would fetch immense virtue. Observing the Ekadashi Vrat on Aja Ekadashi would cleanse all the sins that were performed previously and would bring happiness and prosperity. 
Aja, or Annada Ekadasi, is observed during the waning phase of moon (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Bhadrapad in North India. The corresponding period in other regions is the Krishna Paksha of Shravan month. Aja Ekadasi Vrat Katha was narrated to Yudhishtira by Lord Krishna. The story of Annada Ekadashi is associated with the famous king Harischandra.
King Harischandra was famous for his truthfulness and honesty. Once Sage Vashista praised the truthfulness of Raja Harischandra but Sage Vishwamitra was not ready to accept it and he decides to test King Harischandra. Vishwamitra vows to prove that Harischandra also lies.
As a result of Vishwamitra’s tests, King Harischandra had to give up his kingdom and family and had to take refuge in Kashi. He becomes an undertaker in Kashi. But never lies. He always upheld truthfulness and proper code of conduct.
One day the great sage Guatama met King Harischandra and the king narrated his sad tale to him. Sage Gautama advised King Harischandra to observe Aja Ekadasi which has the power to remove all sins.
The King observed Aja Ekadasi and continued his firm faith in truthfulness.
Soon Sage Vishwamitra accepts his defeat and restores the kingdom, half of his power and all the glory to Harischandra. By the power of observing Aja Ekadasi, the King also got back his wife and his dead son became alive.
King Harischandra ruled the kingdom for several years and finally got Moksha and reached the Vaikunta all with the influence of observing Aja Ekadashi.

How To Observe Aja Ekadashi /Ananda Vrat

The legend behind the observance of Annada Ekadashi can be taken back to the famous king Harischandra. He was known for his truthfulness and honesty. One day, Sage Vashista and Sage Vishwamitra betted on the truthfulness of the king. While sage Vashista was in favor of the king, sage Vishwamitra objected that the king also lies. As a result, king Harischandra had to give up his kingdom and leave for Kashi. Though he became an undertaker in Kashi, he never lied. He always stood by his word and followed a proper code of conduct. One fine day, the king happened to meet the great sage Gautama. The king recounted his entire sad story to the sage.
Thereafter, the sage suggested the king to observe the Annada Ekadashi since it had the power to wash away all the sins. Agreed, the king observed the fast and continued with his firm belief in honesty and truthfulness. Hence, as expected, sage Vishwamitra accepted his defeat and returned the kingdom to the king. Moreover, the king was even able to get back his wife and his dead son became alive. Eventually, the king ruled his kingdom happily for many years and finally, attained Moksha (salvation) and reached the Vaikunta. There are no specific rules for observing the fast on Annada Ekadashi. All general rules for the Ekadashi are followed on this day as well. Rice, grains and beans are avoided.

Aja/Ananda Ekadashi SMS

On ocassion of Aja Ekasashi
May Lord Vishnu Bless You,
And fullfill all your wishes,
Happy Aja Ekasashi

On the aucpiciuos ocassion of Aja Ekasashi
May Lord Balaji Bless You,
Give you health and wealth,
And fullfill all your wishes,
Happy Aja Ekasashi

May the Lord Vishnu
remove all obstacles and shower you with bounties
Happy Aja Ekasashi

Aja/Ananda Ekadashi Pictures

Aja /Ananda Ekadashi Video