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Anant Chaturdashi Vrata 2012 Date

Anant Chaturdashi will Coming on Date 29 Sapetember 2012.

Anant Chaturdashi Vrata Katha

There was a Brahmin with the name Sumant. His wife Diksha gave birth to girl child who named Sushila. After the death of Diksha, Sumant married another woman Karkash. Karkash was not at all caring towards Sushila so when Sushila grew younger she decided to marry Kaundinya to get rid of the ruthless behavior of her step mother.
Once Sushila joined a group of women bathing in the river. These women were offering prayers to Anant. In order to get endowed with his blessings Sushila prayed as well and in a little time-span became quite rich. One day when her husband observed the Anant string in her hand he became annoyed and told her that they were rich not because of a mere thread but because of his wisdom. Saying this he took the thread and burnt it.
After this incident their economic status fell considerably. So he soon realized the importance of Anant string. He decided that he will undergo penance. He vowed for fourteen years and got his wealth back.
Anant Chaturdashi Vrata Pooja

As far as possible, the ritualistic worship of Ananta should be performed by a couple. In exceptional cases, a man or a woman alone can perform the worship.
Before commencing the vrat pujan, the resolve to perform this pujan for regaining the lost prosperity is made. Thereafter, in the Yamunapujan, Sri Yamuna Devi is worshipped ritualistically with sixteen substances. First Sri Yamuna Devi is offered a seat.
The ritual of washing the Holy feet of Sri Yamuna Devi is done.
Thereafter, arghya is offered.
Thereafter, the ritual of giving a bath with five substances is performed.
The Devi is consecrated with water.
The lady doing the vrat offers turmeric powder and vermillion to Sri Yamuna Devi
Later unbroken rice grains are put in a kalasha and body-worship (anga-puja) of Sri Yamuna Devi is done.
The worship is concluded by offering substances like incense-cake (dhup), arati, Holy sacrament (naivedya) etc.
Subtle-process taking place on invoking Yamunaji in the kalasha filled with water during the ritualistic worship of Ananta vrat: By invoking Yamunaji, the frequencies of Srikrushna in the water are awakened. These frequencies are obtained by the worshipper and they destroy the black, round, spiral-shaped raja-tama-dominant frequencies in the worshipper’s body. With this, the body of the worshipper is purified. The ritualistic worship done with a pure body gives more benefit.

Gained from Ananta Chaturdashi Vrata

Be it the Ananta vrat observed on the day of Ananta Chaturdashi or immersion of Sri Ganeshji on the same day, a common point is learnt.

During the period of 10 days, from Sri Ganesh Chaturthi to Ananta Chaturdashi, Ganesh principle descends on Earth and spreads in so many homes and merges into infinity (Ananta) with immersion of the Ganesh idol. In short, Celebrating Ananta Chaturdashi means remembering the ultimate goal of God-realisation and reaching Vaikunth.

Anant Chaturdashi Vrata Images