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Janmastmi Special Recipes-Mishri Makkhan-Makkhan Ka Samosa-Images

Janmastmi Special Recipes-Mishri Makkhan


250 gms fresh cream/malai stored in refrigerator
100 gms mishri


Pour the fresh cream in the jar.
Put on the lid tightly on the jar now.
Shake and shake and shake until the butter forms up
Take an empty vessel and put a fine sieve on top
Now pour the mixture on this sieve.
Now pour the mixture on this sieve.
The butter will remain in the sieve while the liquid will flow down.
The alternative way is to pour the entire cream in a mixer and whip it for a couple of minutes. 
The butter will form in a lump. Transfer in another container and refrigerate. 
Offer it to the little Lord along with Mishri.

Makkhan Ka Samosa


200gms White Butter
400gms Khoya
15 gms almond
15 gms pistachios
10 gms cashew
10gms raisins
1 gms saffron
150 gms Sugar powder


Mix together Khoya, finely chopped dry fruits, sugar and saffron.
Now knead into thin chapattis. Fill in the butter and fold in shape of samosa. 
Take care that the butter doesn’t melt. It does, harden it first by keeping it in freezer.
When the samosas are ready keep them under refrigeration.

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