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Jhiri Mela(Fair)-Jhiri Mela Date-About Jhiri Mela- History of Jhiri Mela-Sms Jhiri Mela-Celebration of Jhiri Mela-Jhiri Mela Images

Jhiri Mela Date

Jihri Mela is Celebrated on October-November month of Every Year.

About Jhiri Mela 

Jhiri Mela- A tribute to a legendary farmer is an annual fair held in Jammu every year in the months of October-November. The fair is celebrated to salute the courage of a farmer, his sacrifice for the liberation ofthe farming community. The Samadhi of Baba Jit Mal, popularly known as Baba Jitto at Shama Chak Jhiri, about 22 km from Jammu. He had laid down his life after he was cheated by the Kardar of the area. The village Jhiri is located about 20 kms from Jammu, off the Jammu-Akhnoor highway. Every year during the Karthik Purnima (Late autumn full moon) falling during the last week of October and early Novembern annual mela is held here. Lacs of devotees throng the village to commemorate the martyrdom of Baba Jittoo, a farmer who gave up his life in protest against the oppressive demands of the zamindar about 500 years ago.
The Jhiri mela is held annually in the memory of a poor farmer who according to popular belief committed suicide to protest against the unfair demands of his landlord.
Baba Jitu was a simple, God loving and honest farmer who preferred to kill himself rather than submit to the unjust demands of the local landlord to part with his crop. He killed himself in the village of Jhiri, 14 kms. From Jammu. A legend has grown around the Baba and his followers congregate at Jhiri on the appointed day from every corner of North India; they revere him for his compassion, courage and honesty and hold an annual fair in his name.
Legend has it that the zamindar demanded a major share of the wheat crop from Jit Mal a poor farmer. Since the peasant had toiled hard to cultivate the crop he did not want to yield to this unjust demand. Rather than parting with his crop, Jit Mal preferred to take the extreme step of ending his life over the heap of wheat. He has ever since been venerated as Baba Jittoo and is revered for standing up against the injustice and unfair treatment meted out to the peasantry during the feudal times.
The festivities during the mela last for a week with the main day of the fair being held on Karthik Purnima. People pay obeisance at the Baba Jittoo temple and seek his blessings and the blessings of his daughter Bua Kouri, who as per the legend also took her life by jumping on her father’s funeral pyre. People also take a customary dip in the Baba-da-Talab (Pond), a natural pond four kms from the temple which is believed to have curative powers.

 History of Jhiri Mela

According to an ancient legend, there was an honest, truthful and uncomplicated farmer called Baba Jitu. A Brahmin and devotee of Mata Vaishno Devi and Raja Mandalik Jitu used to live in Aghar village near Katra, Vaishno Devi.
He grew Fed up with the attitude of his aunt Jojan and decided to leave the village. He met Mehta Bir Singh, the Kardar of the Ambgrota in Jammu and urged him to provide him a piece of land for tilling. But Bir Singh gave him a piece of barren land after signing an agreement, which was written and signed by King Ajaib Dev. Jitto was asked to give one-fourth of his produce to the King.
He worked hard day and night and transformed the barren land into lush green fields. His dream was realized when he had a luxuriant yield. As soon as, Bir Singh got the news regarding the good yield, he arrived at the fields along with his men and asked them to lift three fourth of the crop and leave only a quarter with Jitto.
However, Baba Jitto prayed to follow the terms of the agreement but all his requests fell on deaf ears. Most of the farmers from nearby areas, who gathered could not stop Mehta due to fear of the King’s men.
Left with no solution and no means of help, he committed suicide leaving all surrounding grains red with blood.

Sms Jhiri Mela

Celebration of Jhiri Mela

People from all over India come to Jammu during the time of Jhiri Mela to pay homage to Baba Jitu and his holy soul.
During the fair exhibitions are organized that cater to diverse variety of articles ranging from Pottery, vases,utensils and toys to books on Baba jitu.
For the people coming from all over India, one important ritual during the Jhiri Mela is to take a holy dip in Babe- da- Talab’ which is known to have miraculous powers for curing skin disorders.
People of Jhiri began to worship Baba because of his honesty and self respect. They started believing that his soul was eternal and needed to be worshipped. So every year the people of Jhiri celebrate the Jhiri Mela during the end of October to commemorate the great sacrifice of the peasant.
From every corner of India people visit the Jhiri Mela in order to pay homage to the great soul. In the Jhiri Mela at Jammu various things are sold. Pottery, vases, utensils and toys are some of those items. Apart from these there are stalls that sell books on the legendary Baba Jitu for whom this fiesta has gained such popularity.

Jhiri Mela Images