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Luv Kush Jayanti Date2012

Luv Kush Jayanti is Coming 21 August 2013.and Gujarati month Shravan Purnima.

About Luv Kush Jayanti

Luv and Kush were the twin sons of Lord Ram and Sita and there story is mentioned in the Ramayan. Luv Kush Jayanthi is the day when Luv and Kush, is believed to have born in the Ashram of Sage Valmiki.
The birthday of Luv and Kush is celebrated mainly in North India, especially by some particular Hindu communities like the Koiri Samaj and Kushwah Samaj. Children dress as Luv and Kush and episodes from their life is enacted. Other cultural programs and satsangs are organized on the day.
After reunion with Sita, Lord Rama used to wonder whether Sita was faithful to him while in captivity by Ravana. Sita proved her innocence by passing through the fire unharmed and Agni, the fire god also spoke on her favor. Lord Rama accepted Sita’s innocence and returned to Ayodhya. But people in Ayodhya started to question her innocence and faithfulness. With the passage of time Lord Rama too began to doubt her innocence as a result of which he banished her. An old wise man named Valmiki gave refuge to Sita. There she gave birth to Luv Kusha, the twin sons of Lord Rama.
While Lord Rama was performing the Ashvamedha Yagya, the horse strayed into the forest. Luv Kusha captured the horse and refused it to return to Lord Rama. Both his sons and Rama himself were unaware of their relation. Soon they engaged in a conflict and easily defeated Bharata, Shatrughna and Lakshmana, the brothers of Rama. After seeing this Lord Rama himself confronted Luv Kusha in the battle, but was impressed by their prowess.
He invited Luv Kusha to Ayodhya for Yagya and this is the point where Lord Rama gets to know the identity of his sons. He called Sita back from exile to him. Sita once again protested her innocence and called on Mother Earth to confirm her truth. To her response mother earth cracked open beneath Sita and swallowed her. Rama was struck by grief and chose to unite Sita in heaven. He drowned himself in river Sarayu. After this, Luv Kusha ruled over their father’s kingdom.

Luv Kush Jayanti Sms

Luv Kush Jayanti Greetings

Luv Kush Jayanti Wishes, 

Wish all of a Happy Luv Kush Jayanti.

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