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Navroz Date2012

Navroz 2012 is Coming to 18 August 2012.

Navroz Celebration

The Parsi New Year, Jamshed-e-Navroz is celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Shehenshai calendar followed by the Zoroastrian faith. Named after the Persian ruler Jamshed, in whose reign the festival began, Jamshed-e-Navroz is symbolic of rejuvenation and rebirth.
The celebration commences with cleaning the house, seeping out cobwebs, painting the whole house. New clothes would be ordered for the entire family. Garlands of roses and jasmine decorate all doors and windows. Steps and thresholds are marked with beautiful patterns in colour powders like "Rangoli".
Food is also an important component in these celebrations. Parsi food is a blend of West Asian and Indian style of cooking. "Rava", the popular dish is cooked with Sooji, milk and sugar. When the mixture thickens, it is flavoured with rose water and sprinkled with grated nutmegs. The other popular dish is fried vermicelli, cooked in sugar syrup and sprinkled with almonds and raisins.
Parsis celebrate Navroz in a grand and elaborate fashion. They rejoice whole-heartedly and celebrate the day in a spirit of friendship, harmony and happiness.
They wear new clothes on the day and welcome the guests with a sprinkling of rosewater and rice and also applying tilak.
Then the folks go to the fire temples for worship where they offer sandalwood sticks to the fire. It is customary for the Parsis to cover their heads once they are inside the temples. The children wear small round caps of gold and silver brocade, while men wear small black velvet caps. The women drape their heads with part of their sarees. After the prayers they greet and hug one another saying "Sal Mubarak" - meaning may the coming year be prosperous.

Navroz Sms2012

Celebration of the brightest day,
Celebration of the Wind to blow..
Lets celebrate Nauroz today…
Its all blessings of Allah we owe.

All things bright and beautiful. 
All Things good & true, 
All things fine and wonderful, 
All these r wished 4 U,
 on the day and always..............
May mowla paint the canvas of your 
lifewid d most beautiful colours & sprinkles,
peace, luck, success & joy in ur 
livesWish u & ur family A. 
V.Happy Navroz

Celebration of the brightest day,
Celebration of the Wind to blow..
Lets celebrate Nauroz today…
Its all blessings of Allah we owe.

May this year brings a lotof 
happiness without hurdles& sorrows 
throughout this yearand the whole life.
Nawroz Mubarak

Navroz Greetings2012

Navroz Pictures

Navroz Screps2012