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Coming Date Purnima(Full Moon Day)

This Month Purnima Full Moon Day is Coming 31 August 2013.This Day Moon show Full.

About Purnima(Full Moon Day)-Purnima Time

Since time immemorial, Hindus have believed that the fortnightly cycle of the moon exerts a great influence on the human anatomy just as it affects the water bodies on earth resulting in tides and ebbs. A person may tends to become restless, irritable and ill-tempered showing signs of 'lunacy.' Curiously enough, this word stems from the word 'luna' or 'moon' in Latin. Hence there are specific rituals for the new moon and full moon days.The Purnima fasting is marked on August 1 and August 31. The time of Poornima tithi is from 10:08 AM on August 1 to 8:38 AM on August 2. The Purnima in August 2013 is the Shravan Purnima in most regions. In Tamil Calendar, it is the Aadi Purnima.
Some Hindu communities observe fast on Purnima day. Special pujas and rituals are performed in many temples.
The day is also the last day in the Shravan month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.
Raksha Bandhan. Amarnath Yatra ends. Nariyali Purnima in Maharashtra. Rig and Yajur Upakarma. Avani Avittam.
The second Purnima in August is on August 31. Time is from 7:36 PM on August 30 to 6:58 PM on August 31. Purnima Vrat is marked on August 31.
This is the Adhik Bhadrapad Mahina Purnima in most regions. In Tamil Calendar, it is the Avani Purnima.

Purnima(Full Moon Day) Images