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Rakhi2013-Meaning Of Rakshabandhan

Relationships are the essence of any festivity and it holds true for any Indian festival. Each occasion brings the family together which calls for a celebration. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of one such relation - that of a brother and a sister. This relationship is no where so celebrated as in India. Raksha Bandhan is a festival which celebrates the bond of affection between brothers and sisters. It is a day when siblings pray for each others' well being and wish for each others' happiness and goodwill.

The name 'Raksha Bandhan' suggests 'a bond of protection'. On this auspicious day, brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect them from all harms and troubles and the sisters pray to God to protect their brother from all evil. The festival falls on the Shravan Purnima which comes generally in the month of August. Sisters tie the silk thread called Rakhi on their brother's wrist and pray for their well being and brothers promise to take care of their sisters.

Unconditional Bond of Love
Raksha bandhan has been celebrated in the same way with the same traditions for many years. Only the means have changed with the changing lifestyle to make the celebration more elaborate and lively. This day has an inherent power that pulls the siblings together. The increasing distances evoke the desire to be together even more. All brothers and sisters try to reach out to each other on this auspicious day. The joyous meeting, the rare family get-together, that erstwhile feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood calls for a massive celebration.

Rakhi Sms2013

We gain and lose things everyday.
But trust me on one thing.
You'll never lose me.
I will always be here.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Days go past without us expressing our
deep affection for each other.
Rakhi Comes as a golden
Opportunity to tell you that i'll always adore
you and wish you happiness of
Every kind...
On Rakhi Wishes You Life's Biggest Joys

Rakhi is just an excuse
For me to express myselfv
You mean the world to me
Happy Raksha Bandhan
to My sweet sister

May this Rakhi bring you everything you
desire and everything you dream of.
May success
Accompany you in every step that you take.
Have A Blessed Rakhi


All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers 'til the end.

Rakhi Songs

Rang-birangi raakhi leke aayi bahana
o raakhi bandhava le mere veer - 2

Chorus: Rang-birangi raakhi ... mere veer

Main na chaandi, na sone ke naar maangu -2
apne bhaiya ka thoda sa pyaar maangu
thoda sa pyaar maangu
is raakhi mein pyaar chupa le laayi bahana

Chorus: raakhi bandhwaale mere veer 

Neele ambar se taare utaar laau-2
ya main chanda ki kiranon ke haar laau
kiranon ke haar laau
pyaar ke badle ban le leharaai behna

Chorus: raakhi bandhawaale mere veer

Kabhi bhaiya ye behna na paas hogi -2
kahi pardes baithi udaas hogi, behna udaas hogi
milne ki aas hogi
jaane kab bichhad jaayen bhai-behna

Chorus: raakhi bandhawaale mere veer 

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