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Shravan Month Recipes-Aloo Chat-Jeera Aloo

Aloo Chat


100 gm Tamarind(imli)
250 gm Potatoes
    2 tsp Cumin seeds
    2-3 no Red dry chillies
   1/2 tsp Dry ginger powder
   125 gm Jaggery or sugar
   1/2 tsp Salt
   1/2 cup coriender(green dhaniya)
   1/2 cup green chatani of green chilli, dhaniya and phudina
   Chaat masala, chilli powder and salt to taste


Soak imli/tamarind in warm water for around 1-2 hours or you can do this a day before.
Then with your fingers mash them and throw the stones. If you are using stoned imli or tamarind just mash with your fingers.
Now put crushed jaggery or sugar along with 1/2 tsp of salt and ginger powder.
Roast cumin seeds along with dry chillies in a dry frying pan. When the colour turns brown put them on a plate. Now crush them with a rolling pin or pestle and mortar. Sprinkle this on tamarind sauce. Taste it. If you like you can mix a few tsp of mint sauce in it or crushed mint leaves.
Boil aloo and peel them. Dice them and keep aside.
When you serve, put diced aloo in a small bowl for each individual person. Sprinkle salt, chat masala, red chilli powder, a table spoon of beaten natural yoghurt and tamarind sauce and green chatni as per your test.
Garnish with green coriander or dhaniya.

Jeera aloo

3 boiled potato, 
1 tbsp ghee, 
1tsp black pepper, 
2 green chili, 
1 tsp cumin seeds, 
1 tsp rock salt


Heat the wok on medium flame and add ghee to it. Splutter cumin seeds in it.
Now add chopped green chilies along with boiled diced potatoes, black pepper and rock salt. Stir-fry so that potatoes become crisp and golden brown in color.
Transfer the dish to serving plate and serve hot.