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Today Celebration Indian Independence Day

Today 15th August 2013.Today is Our 67'th Indendence Day.In Delhi Grand Celebration Today.A day of celebration, a day when we rejoice in our freedom and pay homage to those who laid down their lives winning it for us - August 15th is a day every Indian holds dearest to his/her heart.Independence Day is a day when we pay homage to our great national leaders and heroic freedom fighters - who made many sacrifices, including giving up their lives to liberate India from foreign control.
We remember that our freedom struggle was fought and won, not by force or bloodshed but through the noble principles of truth and non-violence. It was a unique movement in the history of freedom struggles that won us the admiration of the whole world.
The period leading up to Independence Day is a time of celebration. It is a time when major government buildings are illuminated with strings of lights and the tricolor flutters proudly from homes and other buildings. Independence Day - the15th of August is marked as a National Holiday, to enable each citizen to commemorate the sacrifices made by our brave freedom fighters decades ago and celebrate our freedom.
In the week around Independence Day, the media enthusiastically promotes a spirit of patriotism with special contests and programmes being telecast by radio stations and television channels. Movies about the heroic deeds of martyrs are screened on television while publications bring out stories and reports with a nationalistic theme.
The President delivers the 'Address to the Nation' on the eve of Independence Day. This is followed by the unfurling of the tricolour from the Red Fort in Delhi on the next day. At the State level, we witness special Independence Day functions that include flag hoisting ceremonies, march pasts and cultural programmes. These events are held in State Capitals and are usually presided over by the Chief Minister of that particular State. Celebrations on a smaller scale are held by educational institutions, residential associations, cultural centres and political constituencies.
Another symbol of Independence Day is the sport of kite flying. The azure skies are dotted with countless kites being flown from rooftops and fields to symbolize the free spirit of India. Kites of various styles, sizes and shades, including the tricolour are available in the marketplaces. Kite flying enthusiasts simply revel in this opportunity to display their kite fighting skills.

Today  Indian Independence Day SMS 

HappyIndependence Day
The Flag Of My Country
Enjoy Colours

Watan hamra misaal mohabbat ki,
todta hai deewar nafrat ki,
meri khus nasibi,mili zindagi is chaman me,
bhula na sake koiiski khusboo saton janam me,
” Happy Independence Day”

29 States,
1618 Languages,
6400 Castes,
6 Religion,
6 Ethnic Groups,
29 Major festivals
& 1 Country!
Be Proud to be an Indian!..
Happy Independence Day

Aajadi ki kabhi shaam nahi hone denge, 
sahidon ki kurbani badnaam nahi hone denge, 
bachi ho jo 1 bund bhi garam lahu ki…
 tab tak bharat mata ka aanchal 
nilaam nahi hane denge…
Happy Independence Day

***`\******** 15th August ********\`-’\__****,|
,–;/ ********************************/*****.|*,/
\__*** Happy Independence Day *’|****/**/*
A Very Happy Independence Day To all of you!

!=- -..(*..-=_;
Let’s Take Decision
To Value Our Nation
Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices,
Who Gave Us Freedom
Now Its Our Turn
To Have A Reformation.
HaPpY InDePeNdEnCe DaY tO all
Today Indian Independence Day Greetings 

Today  Indian Independence Day Pictures 

Today Indian Independence Day Wishes

All Indian Wish all of Very Very Happy Independence Day.