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Today Janmastmi

Today 28 August 2013 All indian hindu People and Krishna Bhakts Celebration Janmastmi.The Grand Celebration In Mathura, Gokul, Vrindavan, Dwarka , and Dakor and many krishna Temples.

This is one of the famous songs that people sing on the occasion of Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna the eighth avatar (Incarnation) of Lord Vishnu. This religious festival is celebrated all over India in the month of August/September on the ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the eighth day in the month of Bhadon according to the Hindu calendar with great devotion and zeal. Janmashtami is also known as Gokulashtami, Krishnasthami, Srijayanti. The Janmashtami of Mathura and Vrindavan, the places where Lord Krishna had spent his childhood, are famous all over the world. Devotees from across the world come to these pious places to celebrate Janmasthami. On this auspicious occasion, temples and homes are beautifully decorated and illuminated. Night long prayers are offered and religious hymns are sung in temples. The priests chant holy mantras and bath the idol with Panchamrit which comprises of Gangajal (water from the holy Ganges River), milk, ghee (clarified butter), curd, and honey pouring all these from a conch shell. After this bath the idol of the infant Krishna (also known as Balmukund) is placed in a cradle. Devotional songs and dances mark the celebration of this festive occasion all over Northern India. The temples especially in Vrindavan witness an extravagant and colourful celebration on this occasion. Raslila is performed to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna and to commemorate his love for Radha.

Today Janmastmi Celebration

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, where his parents lived in captivity of the evil Kansa and Lord Krishna as a young boy came and vanquished his maternal uncle Kansa to ascend the throne and free his parents, celebrates Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. The main celebrations are performed at the Dwarkadhish temple, Mathura in the form of Jhulanotsava and the Ghatas during the entire month of Shravan. The ghatas are a unique feature of the month long celebrations. During the ghatas of a particular colour the whole temple is covered with decoration in the same colour. Even the Lord dresses up in the same colour. The twin cities of Mathura-Vrindavan take on a festive look and spirit of devotion runs high among the people. It was on the banks of the Yamuna River where Lord Krishna played during his childhood and indulged in pranks and tricks with his friends and the gopies. There are about 400 temples dedicated to Lord Krishna in this sacred city and the major festivities are held at the Banke Bihari, Rangaji, Shri Krishna Balram temple and Gopinath temple. The Raslila of Braj is thematically the basis of many performing arts. In Brindavan, every year the Raaslilas or the folk theatre acting out Krishnas life stories begin much before the Janmasthami day. These Raaslilas are staged by professional drama troupes or even young children. These dramas are characterised by colourful costumes and equally colourful backgrounds. Raaslilas are usually accompanied by musicians and are very popular among the people. The language spoken by the actors and the actresses is the Brajbhasha but sometimes Hindi is also used. In Maharashtra, Janmashtami witnesses the exuberant enactment of the god's childhood endeavors to steal butter and curd from earthen pots beyond his reach.

Today Janmastmi SMS-Wishes

Jai ho shri krishna jinka nam.
Gokul jinka dham, ase Shree Krishna bhagwan ko.
Hm sb ka pranam..
Happy Janmastmi

Janmashtami k is shub avsar par.
Hum ye kaamna karty hai ki.
Shree Krishna ki kripa.
Ap pr, aur app k pure parivar par .
HAmesha bani rahy !.
Jai Shree Krishna.

Makhn churaiya sri Krishna kanhaiya ji,
bansi bajaiya o to ras rachaiya hain,
kah kahun sakhi jiya chain parat nhi,
murlidhar sanwre ki aaj badhaiya hai.

Dahi ki handi,
Baris ka fuhar,
Makhan churane aaye nandlal,
Mubarak ho aapko janmastami ka tyohar.

Today Janmastmi Greetings