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Baba Sodal Mela(Fair) Jalandhar2012-Coming Date Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar2012-About Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar-History of Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar-Celebration Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar-Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar Images-Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar Video

Coming Date Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar2012

Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar will Celebrated 29 Saptember 2012 in Jalamdhar Punjab.

About Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar

    Baba Sodal Mela occupies a prominent place in the list of fairs in Punjab. The fair is held to pay tribute to the great soul of the Bab Sodal. Every year, it is held in the month of Bhadon, in the city of Jalandhar. The celebration takes place on the 14th day of Shukal Paksh (bright half of the lunar month). The fair attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the country, who come and pay tribute to the deity on this day. Baba Sodal Fair is centered on the Samadhi of the baba, with his painted portrait placed alongside, decorated with flowers and rosaries. There is a holy tank nearby the Samadhi, which is called the 'Baba Sodal da Sarovar’. Pilgrims either sprinkle the holy water from this tank on themselves or sometimes, even take a dip in the tank. Then they present offerings at the Samadhi of Baba Sodal.
      The people of Jalandhar believe that an infant child named Sodal ages ago, possessed some magical and divine powers, who on this day drowned himself in a pond as ordered by his mother. That pond is today popularly known as the “Sodal ka Sarowar”, and people from Jalandhar and cities around it gather on this day early in the morning to take a holy dip in the sarowar and pay tribute to the Samadhi of Baba Sodal. As his death anniversary is a day long event it is often termed as “Baba Sodal Mela”.Mela Baba Sodal is celebrated on the fourteen day of Shukal paksha in the month of Bhaadon or you can say that it is one day prior to the full moon night or Poornima of this month. The month of Bhaadon clashed with the September month according to English calendar. A huge Mela is organized in the premises of Sodal Mandir on that day. The devotees come from far away places. Some people start visiting the temple even on the early midnight of the beginning of the Mela.

History of Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar

History traces that Sodal was born in Chadha clan of Khatri caste. He lived in the city of Jalandhar. His mother went for a routine bath near a pond and necessitated him not to follow her while she baths. He didn’t listen to his mother and followed her instead. Angered upon the insolence attitude of her child, she ordered him to drown in the pond.
On inquiring about three times, when the child got the same answer he strictly obeyed to his mother wishes and sacrificed his life by jumping in the pond. Some Believers think that he was drowned, while others believe that he converted into a snake and buried himself.

Once Sodal Baba's mother was washing clothes near a pond. He was doing mischieves and irritating her a lot. She got frustrated and told him, "Go and sink". Ja, ja kr dub marr. Babaji asked her if she is sure for her words. On getting a positive reply from her mother, he jumped into the pond and died. His mother started crying badly. Then he appeared in the form of a snake naag and told that he will reside there forever and will fulfil the wishes of his devotees. From then, devotees visit there and get their wishes fulfilled.

Celebration Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar

Sodal Mela is a very popular Fair celebrated in the city of Jalandhar, on the 14th day of Shukla Paksh in the month of Bhadon (according to the Hindu Calender). According to the English calendar it falls in the month of September.
Having great significance to all Sikhs, people from Jalandhar, Delhi, UP and places around Jalandhar arrive at the “Sodal ka Sarowar” to take bath in the Holy pond. It is considered very sacred as the child is like an infant god, a child deity to the Sikhs. Thereafter, people reach his Samadhi, which also contains a portrait of Baba Sodal decorated with garlands, Flowers and where priests perform certain rituals.
The day is especially significant to all females to tend to seek blessing of the holy water for their children and families. Whatever offering is made to the Samadhi is distributed as Prasad to all devotees as the blessing of Baba Sodal.

Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar Images

Baba Sodal Mela Jalandhar Video