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Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur2012-Coming Date Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur2012-About Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur-History of Gad Ganesh Temple Jaipur-Location Of Gad Ganesh Temple Fair Jaipur-Main Festivals and Fairs in Ganesh Temple Jaipur-Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur Celebration Images-Video

Coming Date Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur2012

Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur will Coming on 20 Saptember 2012 in Jaipur Rajasthan.

About Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur

History of  Gad Ganesh Temple Jaipur

According to the priests of temple and elder citizens, the king of Mewar manufactures a huge idol of Lord Ganeshji. He took this idol in a bull cart and walk away. He decides to build a temple for this idol at the first place where he will stop. After walking for a long way he stop near the moti dungari where the temple of Ganeshji is situated at this time. After that a businessman took the responsebility to build the temple in the in the inspiration of Mahant Shiv Narayan.
The temple belongs to Shaiva sect. Shaiva sect is the followers of Lord Shiva. Shaivism is one of the oldest of the four sects of Hinduism. Shaivas, the followers of Shavisim believe that Lord Shiva is All and In All. Lot of research is required to find out the early history of Shaiva sect, but in some of the upanishads of around 400-200 BCE the textual exposition of a systematic philosophy of Shaivism is found. During the Gupta dynasty, Shaivism spread rapidly and not limited to India but later on reached to Nepal, Sri Lanka, and few of the parts of Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.
Fabulous stone carving work had been done in the temple. Lattices carved in marble, and the mythological images engraved in marble are special attraction for art lovers.
This temple was built in the year of 1761A.D. and in 1818 samwat.

Location Of Gad Ganesh Temple Fair Jaipur 

Although the temple of Moti Dungari Ganeshji is situated in the heart of or in the center of Jaipur City, but after that, this situated at a peaceful and religious place. There is a little hill known as Moti Dungari. There are two main roads besides the temple so there is no problem to reach at the temple. There are some sweets shops outside the temple to buy the "Prasad". There is a well arranged parking place for your vehicles. The main places Bari Choupar and Hawamahal are 6 km far from the temple of Moti Dungari. There are two famous buildings near the temple. One is Birla Mandir and second is Sawai Maan Singh Hospital.

Address of Moti Dungari Ganeshji
Moti Dungari Ganesh Mandir
Near Birla Mandir,
J. L. N. Marg,
Pink City (Jaipur),

Main Festivals and Fairs in Ganesh Temple Jaipur

Ganesh Chaturthi :Celebration of the day of incarnation of Lord Ganesh ji on Chaturthi Tithi, Shukla Paksh, Bhadrapada.
Krishna Janamashtami : Celebration of the day of incarnation of Lord Krishna on Ashtmi Tithi, Krishna Paksha, Bhadrapada.
Annkuta :Celebrates on the next day of Diwali.
Paush Bada :Celebrates on any suitable day of Paush month.

Gad Ganesh Fair Jaipur Celebration Images-