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Gokulanand Mela(Fair)-Date Gokulanand Mela-About Gokulanand Mela-Important of Gokulanand Mela-Images of Gokulanand Mela-Gokulanand Mela Celebration Video

Date Gokulanand Mela

Gokulanand Mela will Celebrate in Dec-jan Month of Every Year and This Fair is Celebrated 5 Days in West Bangal.

About Gokulanand Mela

Gokulanand Mela is one such important fair in the state of West Bengal.Gokulanand Mela is held every year at Gokulanand in the district of Medinipur in West Bengal. It is being normally celebrated in the month of December to January according to the Gregorian calendar. The local people of Gokulanand regard this fair as a very important and as well as a sacred event for them. So they organize this fair on a massive scale every year. Gokulanand Mela usually lasts for a period of 5 days or so.

Important of Gokulanand Mela

Gokulanand Mela is Grand Celebration in West Bangal.People celebrate very large and it's Important is as under above.Prior to the commencement of the fair the whole village of Gokulanand is beautifully decorated with flowers and lightening by the local people. Traditional folk dances, dramas, animal shows and amazing display of fireworks form the important part of Gokulanand Mela. Several stalls are also being set up selling different items like the household items, clothes, dressing accessories, women decorative items, foods and so on and so forth. Several tourists also attend this fair and get completely overwhelmed after experiencing the liveliness and enthusiasm of the people.

Images of Gokulanand Mela-Gokulanand Mela Celebration Video