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India's Freedom Fighter Gandhiji's Fight Timeline to Freedom of India

2nd October 1869: Birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

1891: Gandhi returned to India after studying law in England.

1893: He received an offer from an Indian firm in South Africa.

1910: A Satyagrahi’s camp known as the Tolstoy Farm was established at Lawley, 21 miles from Johannesburg

1915: Gandhiji returned to India in 1915. He also established the Satyagraha Ashram in Ahmedabad city the same year.

1917: The Ashram was shifted to the banks of Sabarmati.

Between 1917-1918: Gandhi participated in two peasant movements in Champaran (Bihar) and Kaira (Gujarat)

28 February 1919: Founded the Satyagraha Sabha

24 November 1919: At the All India Khilafat Conference, he proposed that India should respond by non-violent non-cooperation.

March 1930: Started his famous march to Dandi to violate the salt law.

4 May 1930: Gandhiji was arrested

26 January 1931: He was set free

5 March 1931: Following a pact between him and the British Viceroy he was prevailed upon to represent the Congress at the second Round Table Conference in London

January 1932: The Civil Disobedience Movement was resumed.

20 September 1932: He started his fast unto death to prevent the attempt of the British to divide the Hindu Community

8 May 1933: He announced a fast for the Harijan cause

1942: His ‘Quit India’ slogan served as the final signal to British dominion in India

1947:India was Independence from British Rular.

30 January 1948: Gandhi was assassinated