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Kota Dussehra Mela(Fair)2013-Coming Date Kota Dussehra Mela2013-Kota Dussehra Mela-Attraction of Kota Dussehra Mela-How to Rich Kota Dussehra Mela-Celebration of Kota Dussehra Mela-Kota Dussehra Mela Images

Coming Date Kota Dussehra Mela2013

Kota Dussehra Mela is Celebrated on October Month in Every Year  in Kota Rajasthan.

About Kota Dussehra Mela

Dussehra is one of the huge and most important Hindu festivals in India, celebrated with great zest and zeal throughout the country. But Dussehra in Kota, Rajasthan is unique in itself and is much acclaimed throughout the country. It is usually celebrated in September-October every year. Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over the devil demon Ravana, the triumph of good over evil. During the Dussehra festival, Kota gets transformed into a vibrant and vivacious venue, offering a great opportunity to sense the rich culture of the city.
The gigantic effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkarna and Meghnad are placed in an open ground. These effigies, filled with firecrackers, are shot with arrows of fire by an actor dressed as Ram. The huge effigies are burnt with explosion of sound and light, which is well-cherished by the mass spectators. The theatrical presentation of Ram Lila is one of the most sought after parts of the Kota Dussehra. Lots of cultural programmmes are organized during the festival, participated by the well-known artistes from across the country. The grand procession and the different cultural programmes held throughout the festival allure large number of villagers and visitors from the country. Kota Dussehra makes one to look into the grandeur of Rajasthan while soaking in fun of the fair.

Attraction of Kota Dussehra Mela

The Dussehra fair in Kota, is a huge celebration that not only includes the ceremonial burning of effigies, but, additionally a number of cultural programs and processions are organized. Eminent and popular artists from all over the country are invited to participate in the cultural programs.
The concept of processions on Dussehra is age old in Kota and over the years it has developed as a major attraction for tourists coming from all over the world and people from India. This fair is a good opportunity for traders to sell and exhibit their products for buyers both rural and urban. As against other places where this fair lasts for a day, in Kota it is one of the biggest fairs lasting for about a fortnight.

How to Rich Kota Dussehra Mela

By Air

Kota is well connected by air. Jaipur, 245-km away is the other convenient airport.

By Rail

Lying on the Delhi-Mumbai route, Kota is well served by regular super fast rail services. Some important train connections are: Golden Temple Express (Mumbai- Kota-Amritsar); Rajdhani Express (Mumbai-Kota-New Delhi): Dehradun Express (Mumbai-Kota-Dehradun); Paschim Express (New Delhi-Kota-Mumbai); Avadh Express (Mumbai-Kota-Gorakhpur); Swaraj Express (Mumbai-Kota-New Delhi).

Local Transport

Unmetered taxis; auto-rickshaws, tempos and cycle rickshaws are available for commutation purposes within the city.

By Road

Good network of road connections link Kota with many important cities inside and outside the state. Some notable distances are: Udaipur 270-km, Bundi 40-km, Delhi 504-km, Ahmedabad 522-km, Jaipur 245-km.

Celebration of Kota Dussehra Mela

Kota Dussehra Mela Images