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Paryushan Parva Daily Routine for 7 Days

Rising early in the morning and hearing the holy word.
Contemplation of the holy words that were preached.
Half an hour of meditation or ‘Preksha Dhyana’
Limiting one’s diet to only certain elements or abstinence.
Abstinence from meals after sunset.
Abstinence from indulging in the gratification of the flesh.
Observing ‘Anuvrata’
Observing a minimum of five ‘samayikas’
Observing silence for an hour.
Prayers or meditation with the community or family.
Maintaining a feeling of selflessness.
Abstaining from all forms of entertainment.
Abstaining from consuming green vegetables or limiting ones diet to pulses.
Samatsavari is the Last day of this festivale & main Day. This day All Jains keep fasting. . On Next day they take breakfast which called as Parna .
Jain strongly believes in forgiving. On the Samatsvari last partikarman all person plead this message within them, & to all other person who are connected with them in past life in any manner. Jaines plead there forgiveness message to all person whom they know and does 'nt matter which sector or cast they belog. The forgiving plead is not limited into present life but also include there all previous lifes.