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Coming Date Radha Ashtmi2013

Radha Ashtmi will Coming on 13 Saptember 2013.This is Day of Radha's Birthday.

About Radha Ashtmi2013

Radha Ahtmi is Celebrate of Radha's Birthday.This Festival is Large Celebration of Radha's Birthday.  According to the Hindu calender, this fast is observed on Ashtmi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada every year. This year, the fast will be observed on Sunday, 13 September 2013. Radha Ashtmi is celebrated after 15 days of Sri Krishna Janmashtmi. Goddess Radha took birth at a place called Barsana in Uttar Pradesh. Barsana is situated 50 Kilometers away from Mathura and 21 Kilometers away from Govardhan. Barsana is situated at the slope of a mountain. The mountain on which it is situated is known as Brahma Parvat.
Goddess Radha was the daughter of Vrishbhanu. The name of her mother was Kirti. Her mother is known prominently as ‘Vrishbhanu Patni’ or wife of Vrishbhanu. Goddess Radha is considered the love-mate of lord Krishna. Some of the epics consider her his wife. Padma Purana says that goddess Radha was the daughter of king Vrishbhanu. According to this epic, the king got goddess Radha as the daughter of mother earth when the king was cleaning land for a Yajna. The king raised this girl as his own daughter.
Along with this, one legend says that when lord Vishnu was taking incarnation as Krishna, he asked the members of his family to take incarnation along with him on earth. Then, wife of lord Vishnu came on earth as Radha. According to Brahma Vaivrat Purana, goddess Radha was the companion of lord Krishna. But, she got married to a man whose name was Rapan or Rayan. It is said that she turned into a adult at the time of her birth.

Radha Ashtmi Celebration

Radhashtmi in Braj
Radhasthmi is celebrated with zest and fervour like Janmashtmi in Braj. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Vrindavan. The devotees come to know about the reason of dedication of the people of Braj by observing this fast.
Radhashtmi in Barsana
This day is celebrated as a big festival in the temples of goddess Radha in Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, Rawal and Mant. The people of Goswami community in the ‘Radha Ballabh’ temple of Vrindavan rejoice the birth of goddess Radha. The vicinity of the temple is echoed with the chants of goddess Radha’s birth. The mixture of curd and turmeric is collected in the containers of the temple and this mixture is thrown on each other. The Goswamis when get this mixture on them start dancing with happiness.
The ‘Bhog’ of goddess Radha is distributed after the door of the temple is closed. After that, the ritual of sprinkling curd on each other starts. This finishes after the worship of goddess Radha. The coronation of her statue in the main sanctum of the temple takes place between 5:30am to 7:00 am. The ‘Mangla Aarti’ starts after this. 

Radhashtmi in Vrindavan
On this day, goddess Radha is coranated in the temples like Radha Damodar, Radha Shyam Sundar, Krishna Balram and Radha Raman. The crowd of devotees are gathered at these temples from mornings.
Radhashtmi in Rawal
The large amount of milk, curd, sugar, honey and ghee is offered to Radhashyam temple in Rawal which is the birth place of goddess Radha. The ‘Prasada’ is distributed after this. A fair is organized in front of the temple. Lord Krishna is decorated as goddess Radha in the Keshavdev temple. Thousands of devotees take a round of Govardhan temple.

Radhaashtmi in Mant
The ‘Prasada’ is distributed among devotees on the day of Radhashtmi after the worship of goddess Radha. A ‘raslila’ is organized in Banke Bihari temple. The procession of Radha and Krishna is organized in Radha-Ballabh temple. Lord Krishna and goddess Radha are welcomed during the procession with the shower of flowers and devotional hymns by the devotees.

Companions of Radha
Religious epics contain the description of eight companions of goddess Radha along with her description. The Ashtsakhi temple of goddess Radha is very popular in Vrindavan. The name of the eight companions of goddess Radha are Lalita, Vishakha, Chitra, Indulekha, Champaklata, Rangdevi, Tungvidya and Sudevi. 

Radha Ashtmi Sms2012  

Krishna ke kadmo pe kadam badhate chalo,
Ab murli nahi to siti bajate chalo,
Radha to ghar wale dilayenge hi..
Magar tab tak gopiya patate chalo

Radha Ashtmi Greetings2012

Radha Ashtmi Images

Radha Ashtmi Screps2012

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