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Ramteerth Mela(Fair)-Date Ramteerth Mela -About Ramteerth Mela-About Ram Tirath temple in Amritsar-How to Rich Ram Tirth Mela Amritsar-Ram Tirath temple Amritsar Images-Fair Images

Date Ramteerth Mela

Ramteerth Mela will Celebrated in month of November Every tear in Punjab,and mostly Celebrated in Amritsir large Celebration in Ram Tirath Temple.

About Ramteerth Mela

The Ramteerth Mela is celebrated in Kaler Purnima in Amritsar, Punjab. This mela is celebrated in the months of November and is spread over for a period of almost 4 days.
This mela is both religious and secular in nature. It provides secular entertainment in the form of shops, rides and cultural events and it is religious, as its history suggests. This mela is a complete entertainment package for anyone who decides to drop by. Apart from the cattle trading that goes on there are various small shops selling food stuff, sweet delicacies of the state, handicrafts and many other curios.

Ram Tirath fair in the Ram Tirath temple complex in Amritsar is the most important schedule of the year in this place. As far as records indicate, more or less one million pilgrims visit the Ram Tirath fair every year. In this place you will also find a large congregation of jatadhari hermits in their meditations. Even the Sikh people also come in numbers from different corners of Punjab and even from outside the state to pay their homage to Sri Ram Chandra in this fair. A myth goes about this fair that taking a dip in the water body known as Mata Sita di Baoli will enable them to give birth to children if they haven't have any.
Apart from the usual stuff, there are a whole lot of other activities that take place at the mela. Music performances, Dance programs and many other artistic performances are displayed by the artists who come from across the country. You will also find a large number of stalls and shops which are temporarily erected selling utensils, pottery, handicrafts, garments etc. The entrance to the mela is very cheap and hence allows the common man to come and enjoy the mela and its spirit along with their loved ones.
People go from all over Amritsar, Punjab and thoroughly enjoy this mela. This mela is for all ages and for all types of people. The mela offers something for everybody. It is very popular amongst the general people and all they wait anxiously for this day.
The Ramteerth Mela is a very vibrant atmosphere to be in and that is what the people want, to keep them going.

About Ram Tirath temple in Amritsar

Ram Tirath Mandir Amritsar about fifteen days after the Diwali. This Ram Tirath Mela in Amritsar is continued over a duration of five days. Here is an ancient tank which is mythically believed to be dug by Shri Hanuman Ji. This particular water body is given a great deal of mythical and religious importance. A wide number of temples have been set up around the three kilometer circumference of this pond and there is also a paved path for parikrama or circumambulation around the tank because circumambulation is seen as a sacred ritual to show honour by the Hindus. The pilgrims also fervently believe that it is quite good and auspicious for them to take a dip into the sacred waters of the tank in the early hours of the full moon night, which is called Puranmashi in the local language (Sanskrit Pournamashi, known as Purnima in the eastern India and Pournami in the south). During or after the bath, the devotees chant different mantras and hail the glory of Sri Ram by repeatedly taking his name.

How to Rich Ram Tirth Mela Amritsar

By Bus :Special buses are regularly plied by the Punjab Roadways between Amritsar and Ram Tirath during the festival. Also, Ram Tirath is only 11 kilometres from the city of Amritsar and you can just rent a taxi from Amritsar. Reaching Amritsar is no problem from any part of India since it is one of the major cities in Punjab and has excellent rail and road transport connections with almost all parts of the country.

By Air : The Raja Sansi International Airport in Amritsar which is nowadays called Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Airport also has excellent flight connections to major cities of India like Mumbai and Chennai.

Ram Tirath temple  Amritsar Images-Fair Images