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Today Adhik Mas Amavashya(No Moon Day)-About Adhik Mas Amavashya-Adhik MasAmavashya Pooja-Adhik Mas Amavashya Sms-Adhik Mas Amavashya Greetings-Adhik Mas Amavashya Images

Today Adhik Mas Amavashya

Today 15 Saptember2012  is Adhik Mas Amavashya and Engineers Day.

About Adhik Mas Amavashya

Adhik mas Amavasya or No Moon day is an important day in Hindu calendar. Amavasya is considered inauspicious in many calendars in India but Tamil Panchang considers it as auspicious.Amavasya is the fifteenth day and marks the end of the first fortnight in a month whereas in other Panchang (Purnimant calendars) followed in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Amavasya it is the last day for a month.Today People goes to Bath a Holy Rivar Mahisagar,Narmada,Ganga,Sarashwati,Yamuna, and Pooja to Rivar.

Adhik Mas Amavashya Pooja

The no moon day is called Amavasya and is observed as a day of fasting in many Hindu households. Since the Hindu calendar is organized according to the lunar month, Amavasya is the beginning of the new lunar month which last 29 days. Many festivals, the most famous being Diwali (the festival of lights) are observed on this day. The importance of Amavasya is that it is a day of new beginnings. It is a time to discard the old (habits, thought processes, failures and negative influences) and embrace the promise of new ? light? that the new moon brings to us. The ?dark? side of the moon is revealed on this day as the moon completes its waning cycle of fourteen days ? the ancients considered this day with a lot of fear and trepidation because they thought that the moon had been swallowed by the sun. The first day of the waning cycle is actually the full moon day, also called purnima.

Adhik Mas Amavashya Sms

Adhik Mas Amavashya Greetings

Adhik Mas Amavashya Images

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