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Today Daughters Day

Today 23 Saptember 2012 is Celebrated Daughters Day and Today Also Celebrated Dharo Aatham and Radha Ashtami.

About Today Daughters Day

Most people know all about Mother's Day and Father's Day but, what about Daughter's Day?
The first annual Daughter's Day was celebrated at Churchill Square on Saturday. It's a day dedicated to celebrating the lives, contribution and achievements of all daughters in our society.
"Women have achieved a great deal over the years and we need to acknowledge it, and we need to celebrate the achievements of women," says Miriam Thomas, the President of the Indo-Canadian Women's Association.
Another mission of Daughter's Day is to focus on the elimination of gender inequality, violence, and discrimination against girls and women at home, at school, in the workplace, and on the street.
City Councillor, Amarjeet Sohi spoke at the event. He says it really shows the commitment of people in our community to form a society that is more inclusive.
"The purpose of this event is not only to highlight the barriers that are faced by our daughters, our girls and women. It is also to highlight the achievements of many, many, many fine daughters and women, and we have many examples in front of us."
People from all walks of life gathered in Churchill Square to celebrate the day, Premier Alison Redford was even in attendance. Thomas says she is extremely pleased with the outcome of the inaugural event.
"We've got great women amongst us," she says adding, "We are going to celebrate this every year, on September 1st. It has been acknowledged as an event to be celebrated every year."
The first annual Daughter's Day also featured a variety of speakers, live music, and dramatic performances.

Today Daughters Day Sms -Wishes

With each passing day..
you have evolved…
as a more beautiful individual…
And on Daughter’s Day…
I want you to know…
How much I am proud of you!
Happy Daughter’s Day to my lovely daughter…..

I Still remember those days,
Those beautiful memories,
And the moments with
Lovely Daughter I Spent
Happy Daughter’s DaY

Happy Daughter’s day to a wonderful Daughter
Today and always, you’re thought of with more ,
love and pride than you can imagine.

Happy Daughter’s Day Big and small,
We love them all the same
Happy Daughter’s Day

A daughter is the best thing that can happen to you
because a daughter fills you heart with magic and love..
Happy Daughters day

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