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Today Jal Jilni(Parsva) Ekadashi-About Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi-History of Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi-Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi Bhajan-Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi Celebration Images-Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi Video

Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi

Today 26 Saptemer 2012 is Celebrated Jal jilni Ekadashi.Today is Large Ekadashi.Today Large Fairs in Vadtal,Bochasan,Piplav and Any Swaminarayan Temple.

About Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi-History of Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi

Jal Jilni is celebrated on the 11th day of the bright half of the month of Bhadarvo. On this day Lord Krishna went to bathe in the Yamuna River with many friends with great love and affection.

Parsva or Parsava (Jal Jilni )Ekadashi is the eleventh day of the Bhadrapada Month or Bhadrapada sukla paksha Ekadashi. This year Parsava Ekadashi will be celebrated on 26th September 2012.

Parsva Ekadashi is the ekadashi that occurs in the period of chaturmas vrat and hence is given higher importance. During Parsava Ekadashi devotees would observe a fast for the whole day. Water is also not taken and a strict fast is observed. Devotees would stay awake the whole night of Parsava Ekadashi enchanting the name of Lord Vishnu or Lord Vamana.
Parsava Ekadashi is also known as Parvartini or Parivartana Ekadashi, Vamana Ekadashi , Jayanti Ekadashi.

Visiting of Vishnu temples is considered to be auspicious during Parsava Ekadashi. Worshipping Lord Vamana the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is highly auspicious.

Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi Bhajan--Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi Video 


Today Jal Jilni Ekadashi Celebration Images

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