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Today RamdevPeer Jayanti

Today 25 Saptember is Celebrate RamdevPeer Jayanti in Ramdevra (June Ranuja) and Nava Ranuja Very Grand Celebration.

About Today RamdevPeer Jayanti

Ramdevji is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna. As mentioned above, King Ajamal (Ajaishinh) married Queen Minaldevi, the daughter of Pamji Bhati of Chhahan Baru village. The childless king went to Dwarika and pleaded with the Lord about his wish to have child like him. They had two sons, Viramdev and the younger Ramdev. Baba Ramdev was born on Bhadava Shukla dooj in V.S. 1409 at a place called Pokharan. Ramdevji was a Tanwar .[6] He is also considered by some to be the 72nd descendant of the Pandav King Arjun.
Netalde with Ramdev Ji was married. The Amarkot was the daughter of the King Ralji Sodha.

Muslims venerate Shri Ramdevji as 'Ramshah Pir'. He was said to have had miraculous powers, and his fame reached far and wide. Legend has it that five Pirs from Mecca came to test Ramdevji's powers. Ramdevji after initial welcoming requested them to have lunch with him. But Pirs said they eat in their personal utensils, which are lying in Mecca, so they cannot have their meals. On this Ramdevji smiled and said look your utensils are coming and they saw that their eating bowls were coming flying in air from Mecca. After being convinced of his abilities and powers, they paid their homage to him and named him Rama Shah Peer. Since then he is venerated by Muslims also as Ram Shah Pir or Rama Peer. The five Pirs, who came to test his powers, were so overwhelmed by his powers that they decided to stay with him and the Samadhis of these five are also near the Samadhi of Ramdevji.
In Rajasthan, Meghwal community's chief deity is Baba Ramdevji who is worshiped during the Vedwa Punam (August - September). Meghwal community's religious leader Swami Gokuldas claims that Ramdev was himself a Meghwal in his 1982 book Meghwal Itehas, which constructs a history of the Meghwal community.However, it is a solitary claim made by the Meghwal community themselves and has no one else to back their claim. Mostly, all sources, folktales & Hindu community believes Ramdevji to have born in Tanwar Rajput Community.[10] Baba Ramdevji believed in the equality of all human beings, be they high or low, rich or poor. He helped the down-trodden by granting them their wishes. Baba Ramdev is often depicted on horseback. His worship crosses the Hindu-Muslim divide as well as the distinctions of caste. His followers are spread across cutting across caste-barriers in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat andMadhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Delhi and also in Sindh in Pakistan. Several Rajasthani fairs are held to commemorate him. The temples of Ramdevji are also found in many States of India.
Baba Ramdevji took Samadhi on Bhadrapada Shukla Ekadashi in V.S. 1442 at the age of 33 years. Dalibai, his ardent follower from Meghwal community, is also buried near his grave, who is said to have taken Samadhi two days before Ramdevji.

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