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Today Starting Tarnetar Mela(Fair)-About Tarnetar Mela-How to Rich Tarnetar Mela-Tarnetar Mela(Fair) Images-Tarnetar Mela(Fair) Celebration Video

Today Starting Tarnetar Mela(Fair)

Today 19 Saptember 2012 Starting Tarnetar Mela(Fair) in Tarnetar and Ganesh Chaturthi.Tarnetar Fair is Runing to 23 Sapteber.

About Tarnetar Mela

Tarnetar Mela (Fair) in Gujarat is one of the most famous Melo from various Mela Festival Organize in Gujarat India. This Tarnetar Mela Festival used to held at “ Saurashtra Region ” in Gujarat. The tradition of this religious festival is believed to have begun before 200-250 years.  Tarnetar fair is is helds for three days in Gujarati Months Bhadarva at the Tarnetar Village on grounds of Tarnetar Mahadev Temple (which is actually Trinetrashvar Mahadev). Tarnetar fair shows the rular cultural of surendranagar district. It is not famous in Gujarat and India but it is famous in all over the worlds. Taranertar fair has international familiarities and visitors come from all over the worlds in tarentar to see the rular cultural of Gujarat and Zalawad (Surendranagar). Tarnetar Fair is speciality of Saurashtra. So, Every Year "Tarnetar Mela Saurashtra" is rocking year on year...
The Tarnetar Fair is one such festival held at the Tarnetar village. This small and otherwise calm village is situated in the 'Panchal' region of Gujarat. The small small town of Tarnetar, about 75 kilometers from Rajkot is the site for one of Gujarat's most well known annual fairs, the “Trinetreshwar Mahadev Fair” popularly called the “Tarnetar Mela” used to organize in Gujarat India every year.

How to Rich Tarnetar Mela

At the time of Fair Gujarat Government manage for special buses for Tarnetar fair from major cities of Gujarat. You can get the Train upto Thangadh and from thangadh you can get transportation for tarnet easily. You can also get tranportation facilities from Chotila ( Which is located on NH-8A )

Tarnetar Mela(Fair) Images

Tarnetar Mela(Fair) Celebration Video