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Today Tejaji Fair

Today 25 Saptember is Celebrated Tejaji Fair in Rajasthan.
About Tejaji Fair

A good number of fairs are held in the 10th day of the month of Bhadra, to mark the birth of Tejaji. Many tales are present about this legendary figure. In Tejaji's fairs rituals are made to cure snake-bite. In Guna district atBhamavad village there is a platform on which a statue of Tejaji on his horse is installed. Every year during the fair many persons come with pieces of cloth round their necks. This they unknot near the platform and as soon as they untie it, they become unconscious only to regain it after water and milk are sprinkled on their faces. Similar rituals are witnessed in the fairs held at Sagar village of the same area and at Rawati of Ratlam district.
In the months of Asadha and Bhadra, at Deotalab (Rewa) the Somnath Sankarji ka Mela and Tejaji fair draw thousands of people. The Triveni ka Mela held at Ratlam and the Singaji Jatra held at Piplya vilage of Nimadencourage the people to attend fairs occurring in Kartika at Ujjain, Mandhata (Nimad), Naya Gaon and numerous other places. The Kumbha Mela is held after every twelve years at Ujjain. 

Celebration Tejaji Fair

About Veer Tejaji

Today Tejaji Fair Images