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Today World Ozon Day

Today 16 Saptember is Celebration World Ozon Day.

AboutToday World Ozon Day

World Ozone Day is celebrated every year on 16th September since 1995. This Day marks the importance of Ozone layer and its role in the environment. The United nations General Assembly has designated this Day to reflect the adoption of MontrealProtocol on substances that deplete the Ozone layer. There are numerous activities and programs organized to spread awareness about the global phenomenon ofOzone layer depletion. All member nations of the Montreal protocol take this opportunity to take some concrete steps at their national level in accordance with the aims and objectives of Montreal protocol.

Today Celebration World Ozon Day

The theme for International Ozone Day this year, as declared by the United Nations, is therefore “HCFC Phase Out: A Unique Opportunity.” According to the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Moon, the HCFC phase-out presents countries and industries with a unique opportunity to acquire cutting-edge technologies that not only eliminate ozone-depleting compounds but do so in a way that lowers energy costs and maximizes climate benefits. He further added that to facilitate this transition in developing countries, the Montreal Protocol’s Financial Mechanism is providing increased funding. It is therefore an opportunity for Parties to the UN protocols and industries in general today, to seize this opportunity provided by the HCFC phase-out and to leapfrog hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) wherever possible.

Today World Ozon Day Facts

From 1956 to 1970 the density of the Ozone layer was nearly 280 to 325 doveson which in 1994 got reduced to mere 94 doveson. The density has been on a decline since then.
The recent report of the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that Earth's temperature has increased by 0.74% in the past hundred years. Its effects are disastrous like:
 Unexpected increase in the sea level that can submerge low lying regions including UK
The melting of glaciers like Himadri in India, which will first result in floods and then a long lasting drought
Exposure to ultra-violet rays can up the risk of cancers
Unexpected climatic changes
Data from NASA's Earth-observing Aura satellite show that the Ozone hole peaked in size on Sept. 13’2007, reaching a maximum area extent of 9.7 million square miles – just larger than the size of North America.
The Antarctic Ozone hole was discovered in 1985 by British scientists Joesph Farman, Brian Gardiner, and Jonathan Shanklin of the British Antarctic Survey.
On September 12, 2008, the Antarctic Ozone hole reached its maximum size for the year. The Ozone hole covered about 27 million square kilometers, making it larger than North America, which is about 25 million square kilometers. Though larger than it was in 2007, the 2008 Ozone hole was still smaller than the record set in 2006.

Today Sms

On World Ozone Day,
Planting of more trees …
Save Energy,
Use eco-friendly products …
and Save Mother Earth.

We must be aware of the depletion of ozone
Not only on “world ozone day”
but every moment also and try to save our earth.

Today Greetings-

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