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Varah Jayanti Prayer-Varah Jayanti Celebration

Varah Jayanti Prayer
sarvaiSvarya pradAtAram sarvavyAdhi vinASakam !
sarvavedasvarUpam tam satyakolam namamyaham !!

Bestower of all wealth, Destroyer of all diseases
Embodiment of all Vedas, I pray Sri VarAha

Varah Jayanti Celebration

The annual Varaha Jayanti was observed at Tirumala amidst great religious fervour. In connection with the festival, special rituals were conducted at the Bhu Varahaswamy temple situated on the north-west corner of the temple Pushkarini.
Immense importance is attached to the festival which, according to the legends, is believed that it was Lord Varaha who had donated a piece of land to the presiding deity Lord Venkateswara. As an expression of gratitude Lord Varaha was blessed with the privilege of accepting the first puja and Naivedyam every day atop the temple town which is being followed even till date.
The Jayanti Utsavam was marked with the performance of Punyavachanam followed by Snapana Thirumanjanam to Bhu Varaha swamy amidst thunderous recitals of verses from the scriptures by a battery of temple pundits. Those who participated include the TTD Executive officer L.V. Subramanyam, Joint Executive officer K.S. Srinivasa Raju and other temple officials.