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Coming Date Autumn Flower Show2012

Autumn Flower Show is Coming in October Month 2012 and Every Year.

About Autumn Flower Show

 Autumn Flower Show is Celebrated in Meghalaya.

One of the important states of north eastern India, Meghalaya is the latest destination for tourists for the eternal natural beauty and serenity that it provides. Meghalaya is one of the greenest states of north east and thus the nature holds a wide range of diversity in its wallet. This diversity is mainly in its flora and fauna which has made this state a rich one.
Flowers are the most attractive feature of nature and holds an aesthetic beauty. TheMeghalaya Autumn Flower Show is organized mainly during the months of October-November. Meghalaya boasts of numerous collection of flowers which gives a vibrant look to the nature. The floral diversity goes for making the state of Meghalaya so beautiful a place.
Meghalaya Autumn Flower Show is a vivacious exhibition of decorative flowers. This show is exhibited in the All Saints Hall of Shillong which is situated in the East Khasi Hills. TheAutumn Flower Show in Meghalaya is a vibrant exhibition of different flowers which displays hundreds of varieties of different flowers. Exhibition of rare floral collections and other plants is a also a part of it. Sunflowers, fire bush trees, different types of hibiscus, zinnias, crepe myrtle, lotus and other beautiful flowers are displayed in the Autumn Flower Exhibition at Meghalaya.
Those who have a passion for gardening gets immense pleasure in this exhibition that presents a bunch of exotic flowers. Though holding such festivals have become a regular activity for different states and organizations but the Autumn Flower Show of Meghalaya has a remarkable identity for the variation that it holds.

Autumn Flower Show Images