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Indira Ekadasi(Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi) Vrat2012-Coming Date Indira Ekadasi2012-About Indira Ekadasi-Story of Indira Ekadasi- How To Observe Indira Ekadashi Vrat-Fast Method Indira Ekadasi-Indira Ekadasi Images

Coming Date Indira Ekadasi2012

Indira Ekadashi is Coming on 11 October 2012.
About Indira Ekadasi

Indira Ekadashi is Coming on October 11 2012.This Day is Known as Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi Because According to Gujarati Month This Ekaadashi is in Ashwin Month Agyaras(Day of Eleven) Krishna Paksh.In North and Western parts of India, Indira Ekadashi falls during the Pitru Paksh period. Hence, it is also refereed to as Ekadashi Shradh. Thus, one can find devotees performing Shraddh rites the dead ancestors on this day. Beliefs state that the observance of this Ekadashi eradicates the sins and evil acts committed by a person and his forefathers. Continue browsing to know the story behind the fasting on Indira Ekadashi. Also learn the procedure for observing this vrat.

Prayers and rituals are performed in the name of forefathers and dead relatives on the day before Indira Ekadasi. A single meal is only eaten on the day before Ekadashi. A complete fast is observed on the Indira Ekadashi day by staunch devotees. In the afternoon on the Ekadasi day, some people perform rituals dedicated to the dead.

Story of Indira Ekadasi

In the ancient golden age, there lived a glorious ruler Indrasen in a city named Mahishmati. He was complete with son, grandson, wealth etc. and always used to destroy his enemies. Once, king was seating in his assembly with peace and happiness. Then, Maharishi Narad came there. The king stood up immidiately and welcomed him with Ardhya etc.
Narad said “Hey King, I am very much pleased with your religious devotion. Once I went to Yamlok. I saw your father sitting in the meeting of Yamraj. Your father was a wise, generous and religious person but he left the fast of Ekadashi in between. As a result, he received Yamlok after death. I have come here with a message from your father”.
Father said “my son’s name is Indrasen and he rules over Mahishamti. If he observe the fast of Indra Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha, Ashvin Masa, then I shall get salvation. By the fruits of this Ekadashi, I will leave this place and reach heaven.” Hearing this, Indrasen felt very upset and asked the procedure of Indira Ekadasi fast from Maharishi Narad.

How To Observe Indira Ekadashi Vrat
Legends revolve around a popular king named Indrasena, ruler of Mahishmatipura, who was a loyal devotee of Lord Vishnu. Powerful, honest and caring, the king was extremely wealthy with gold, sons and grandsons. One fine day, Sage Narada visited the king and narrated his story about his visit to the heavenly abode of Lord Yama Raj, the Hindu God of death. At Yamaloka, Narada found the king’s father was deprived of Moksha and was living at Yamraj’s home.
In order to attain Moksha, the king’s father had asked Narada to pass on the word to his son for observing Indira Ekadashi. By doing so, he will be relieved from Yama’s house and will successfully attain Moksha, thereby landing at the feet of Lord Vishnu. King Indrasena readily agreed to observe the vrat. He even asked Narada to assist him in correctly observing the vrat. Consequently, the father of the king got Moksha and reached Lord Vishnu’s abode.
On the day before Indira Ekadashi, special prayers and rituals are undertaken in the memory of deceased forefathers and relatives. Devotees observing this vrat consume only a single meal on the previous day while, on Indira Ekadashi, they abstain from eating anything, thereby observing a complete fast. Some people even perform rites for the dead in the afternoon of this Ekadashi. The vrat is broken only on the next day by eating food along with family members. The devotees are blessed with the results of Ashwamedha Yaga (Horse Sacrifice). This marks the significance of this vrat on other Ekadashi vrats observed.

Fast Method Indira Ekadasi

Maharishi said, on the Dashmi Tithi (a day before Ekadashi) of Ashwin Masa, Krishna Paksha, bathing etc, should be done with faith, in the early morning. After this, bath should be taken in the evening also. Then, Shraddh should be performed, for the ancestors.
On the next day, fast of Indira Ekadashi should be observed. Person observing this fast should wake up early in the morning, on the day of fast. He should complete his routine work and, then he should do Datun and bathing. Now, the resolution of fast should be taken. In the fast of Ekadshi, fruits are eaten in the night only.
And on Dvadashi (a day after Ekadashi), food should be taken making donations etc. In the noon time of Ekadashi, idol of Lord Ram is established. A Brahman should be called to do this work. And, the Brahman should be offered food and alms.
Some part of the food prepared should be given to cows. Lord Vishnu should be worshipped with incense sticks, lamps and Navedy etc. One should not sleep on the night of Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu’s Path and chanting of mantra, should be done throughout the night. Or else, Bhajan and Kritans can also be sung. Next day, after the early morning bath, Brahmans should be given alms. Later, food is taken with the family member.
If any person, observe the fast of Indra Ekadshi, without laziness, then surely his ancestors receive heaven. Listening the procedure of this fast from Maharishi Narad, the king observed the fast with full family in a systematic manner. Seeing this, flowers started showering from the sky. And, king’s father went out of Yamlok and reached heaven. By the grace of this fast, king started living happily, and after death, he reached heaven.
Just by hearing the story of this fast, a person gets rid of all his sins.
Indira Ekadasi Images

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