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Coming Date Pinjore Heritage Festival2012

Pinjore Heritage Festival is Coming to this 2 to 4 December 2012 in Haryana.

About  Pinjore Heritage Festival

The Pinjore Heritage Festival is organized by the Haryana Government’s Tourism Department with the aim of focusing attention on the culture and heritage of this area. The festival is held in the month of October, and it spreads over 3 days.
The Pinjore Heritage Festival is a relatively new addition to India’s cultural calendar. The first festival was organized in 2006. Buoyed by its success and the huge response, the Government of Haryana has now made it an annual event. The festival is held at the Yadavindra Gardens. The venue is significant as these gardens are regarded as one of the oldest Mughal gardens in the world.Yadavindra Garden, one of the oldest and most well maintained Mughal gardens in the world is the venue for the event every year. One of the most unique and attractive feature of the garden is the 7 descending levels of Garden arrangement. Although initially designed during the Mughal era, they have been in various hands, namely the Hill Rulers of Himachal Pradesh, Gorkhas to the royal house of Patiala.

History of  Pinjore Heritage Festival

One of the oldest yet well maintained Mughal Gardens of the world, Yadavindra Garden was the venue for the first ever Pinjore Heritage Festival. The festival was cerebrated with great enthusiasm and glory. The festival was organized to promote the rich cultural and historical tradition of the region.A Craft Bazar which is the reminiscent of Mughal times is being set-up with shops and clusters of stalls, tented pavilion, food plaza, performance stage etc. The entrance gate, parking area as well as the entire gardens would be illuminated in the evenings in a manner which would enhance the pristine beauty of the Garden by highlighting its architectural, aesthetic and landscape splendor. Cultural evenings would be on all three days. Further, there would a number of Day Performers to regale the audience during the day time. Students from Schools and Colleges would be performing the folk dances.

Pinjore Heritage Festival Celebration

The Pinjore Heritage Festival proudly exhibits the culture and tradition of Haryana. The event is largely a cultural flux, wherein artists from all over India gather to exhibit their art and make the event successful.
The Festival is so well planned by the Tourism Departmentthat throughout the event all activities pack the scheduleengages the visitors. Many attractions such as Garba dance,Folk Dances, Musical concerts, Rock bands, Classical Music, Shopping and food Bazaar provide a wide spectrum to all participants and viewers.
The Yadavindra gardens are so beautifully decorated that the complete ambience reflects back to Vedic times and Mughal times. The lighting, decoration, music, dance all culminates to make this a memorable event.

Pinjore Heritage Festival Images

 Pinjore Heritage Festival Video