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Rajgir Dance Festival2012-Coming Date Rajgir Dance Festival2012-About Rajgir Dance Festival-History of Rajgir Dance Festival-How to Rich Rajgir Dance Festival-Rajgir Dance Festival Pictures

Coming Date Rajgir Dance Festival

Rajgir Dance Festival is Coming on October Month Every Year and This Year 24 Oct to 26 Oct 2012.

About Rajgir Dance Festival2012

Rajgir Stay in Bihar.Rajgir DAnce Festival is Large Celebration in BIhar india.This festival is organized by the Department of Tourism, Bihar. This festival continues for three days.
Rajgir was the historical capital of the Magadha Empire. Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira had spiritual connections this place. Thus both the Jains and the Buddhists consider this place to be very holy.
Rajgir is also far-famed for its connection with Shishunaga Kings Bimbisara and Ajatashatru. History says that Ajatashatru kept his father Bimbsara in imprisonment in this place.
Though there are differences with Buddha's royal coevals that Bimbisara and Ajatashatru were responsible for the establishment of Rajgir. Ajatashatru is also accredited with shifting his capital to Pataliputra which is modern Patna.
Holding a sterling position in the Indian Cultural Calendar, Rajgir Mahotsav is the ultimate destination for the connoisseurs of Indian cultural form of expression of the self. Be it instrumental music, devotional songs, opera, folk dance, ballet or the many schools of classical dance and music, geniuses in their own realms of accomplishments, create an almost ethereal atmosphere to electrify true devotees.

In the past, some of the great artists who have performed at the festival are Sonal Man Singh, Hema Malini, Sanyukta Panigrahi, Nalini-Kamalini, Swapna Sundari, Shovna Narayan, Madhukar Anand, Madhumita Roy, Amita Dutta, Mukund Nayak, Madhavi Mudgal, Leela Samson and Anand Shankar. The sanctity of Rajgir is aptly acclaimed by the performance of such respected artistes, who, in their humility, feel blessed by this land of the holy.

History of Rajgir Dance Festival

Rajgir (meaning house of the king) was earlier the capital of Magadh, until 5th centaury BC. After the formation of Patliputra the capital was shifted from Rajgrih (then) to Patliputra.
Historically, the king of this place Jarasandha, was defeated by Lord Krishna 17 times. When it came to the 18th time, Krishna had left the place without a war. Also according to Mahabharata one of the Pandavas Bhima had split Jarasandha into two halves and threw both in opposite directions. Jarasandha was invincible as his body could rejoin any dismembered limbs. There is a famous Jarasandha's Akhara(place where you practice martial arts).
The place has a feel and aura of Buddhism as it is closely associated with Lord Buddha.
Buddha had not only spent many years here, but also delivered sermons and proselytized emperor Bimbisar at the Griddhakoota hill.It is believed that the Jivekarmavan monastery was one of favourite places to reside for Buddha. Many teachings of Lord Buddha was penned down here in Rajgir and the place is proudly the host of First ever Buddhist council.
The place also traces its history to the captivity of Bimbisara. It is believed that Ajatashatru had captivated his father Bimbisara here ages ago. Although it is not properly sourced that who out of Bimbisara or ajatshatru was responsible for the establishment of the town, but it was Ajatshatru who was responsible for moving the capital to Patliputra.
Based on some ancient Buddhist and Jain scriptures the place has been divided into new and old Rajgir.

How to Rich Rajgir Dance Festival

By Air
In order to reach Rajgir Dance Festival by air, you can board flights from the major airports of the country to Patna. From Patna Airport, you can hire taxis to arrive at the venue, which is at a distance of just 105 kms.

By Rail
The nearest railway station to Rajgir is at Gaya. The station is well-connected to the other cities of Bihar and other cities of the country. You can take buses or hire taxis to reach the venue that lies at a distance of 95 kms.

By Road
Rajgir is well-connected to Gaya and Nalanda. One can take regular buses or hire cabs to reach the venue.

Rajgir Dance Festival Pictures