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Rayalaseema Festival2012-Coming Date Rayalaseema Festival2012-About Rayalaseema Festival-RayalaseemaFood and Dance Festival-Rayalaseema Festival Images

Coming Date Rayalaseema Festival2012

Rayalaseema Festival is Coming on October Mon th Every Year.
About Rayalaseema Festival

Rayalaseema festival is mainly based on dance and food. Mainly observed during October every year, this is one of the most important tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh.
The main aim of the festival is to honor and celebrate the flourishing and lavish art and cuisine of Rayalaseema, an area of Tirupati in the Chitoor District of Andhra Pradesh.
The state of Andhra Pradesh is around 400 odd years old. The Festival provides an opportunity and platform for the old art and cuisine, which are presented and celebrated in a grand manner. There are also programs, which include traditional dances of Andhra Pradesh during the Rayalaseema food and dance festival.As part of the festival, prominent civil servants from IAS, IPS and IFS cadres hailing from the region will be felicitated with the ‘Rayalaseema Ratna' awards, association president Kondapalli Seshagiri told a press conference here on Wednesday.
Officials hailing from outside Rayalaseema, but who served in the region will also be felicitated with ‘Rayalaseema Gourava Puraskaram' (Rayalaseema Honorary Award), he said.
Apart from these, there will be cultural programmes, a food festival with Rayalaseema cuisine, and a photo exhibition displaying the region's biodiversity.
“Rayalaseema has always received adverse publicity as a faction-ridden region, thanks to its portrayal in movies. But factionists form only a minority in two-crore population of the region from where many important leaders, officers and saints hailed,” Mr. Kondapalli Seshagiri said.

RayalaseemaFood and Dance Festival

Rayalaseema food festival is basically a recreation festival. It is based on dance and food. It is aimed at honoring the art and cuisine of Rayalaseema.
Rayalaseema is place of Tirupati in the Chitoor District of Andra Pradesh. It has past of about 400 years. This festival provides an opportunity for the old art and cuisine presenting in a grand manner. The programs include traditional dances and art exhibitions of the state.
This festival also gives an opportunity to artists and culinary experts across India to display their talents. From past few years, thousands of tourists and artists from different parts of country come and have food outlets of their choice. The wide range of delicacies entertain the visitors.
Moreover, the traditional dances of the state make the festival all the more interesting. Dances of south Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh and Karnataka add great pomp to the festival. Thus tourists come attracted to entertain themselves.

Rayalaseema Festival Images