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Today Begin Navratri-Durga Pooja

Today 1st November Begin Navratri and Durga Pooja.This Festival Start to 16 Oct and end to 24 Oct on Dusshera.

About Durga Pooja

The Bengali version of Dussehra, Durga Puja/ Durga Pujo is, as the name suggests, dedicated to the worship of West Bengal's most beloved deity- the Goddess Durga, the embodiment of all feminine virtues representing power and unity. Durga Puja is the time to worship ‘Shakti’ or divine power.
As per the Hindu calendar, Durga Puja is celebrated on the 9th day of the Ashvin month which occurs in the autumn months around September/ October. The Bengalis schedule the festivities according to the ‘Titthi’ i.e. time calculated on the basis of the movement of the moon. ‘Mahalaya’ falls on the new moon which marks the beginning of the ‘Devi Paksha’ and the count-down for the Durga Puja. The puja is conducted for four days which begins on ‘Mahashashthi’ i.e. the sixth day of the full moon and ends on ‘Dashmi’ - the tenth day.

Durga Puja Celebrations

In all neighbourhoods, gorgeously decorated idols of the goddess are created- often in the form of large tableaux which depict her in the act of destroying the demon Mahishasura. Installed in specially erected pavilions known as 'pandals', the idols attract huge crowds who come to admire the tableaux and their decorations.
Stalls selling a variety of foods and other wares, including household appliances, clothing and the like, come up around pandals, and that, combined with the loud music played at each pandal, makes this a very noisy (but enjoyable!) period. The festivities reach fever pitch by the ninth day, following which, on the day of Vijayadashami, the idols of the goddess are ritually immersed in a river or sea. The immersion (known as visarjan') symbolises the return of Durga to her husband after her ten-day sojourn in her parent's home.

Durga Pooja Navratri Story

There lived a Brahman with his daughter, Sumati, in a town. He was a great devotee of Goddess Durga whom he used to worship and perform Havan daily. Her daughter also used to participate in the worship but once she was busy in playing and did not participated. This made the Braman angry and in that rage he said that he will marry her from any poor and paralysed man.
This made the daughter upset but she accepted it cheerfully. The father married Sumati, as said, to a poor man suffering from leprosy. Sumati married and went away with her husband. Her husband did not even had a house of his own, due to which, Sumati had to spend her night in a forest, sleeping on grass.
Looking at the pathetic condition of Sumati, Mata Bhagwati appeared from her virtuous works that she did in her previous birth, and said “I am happy with you and want to give something”. Listening this Sumati asked the reason of her being happy on her. Maa Bhagwati said “I have came due to the virtuous work you did in your previous birth. In your previous birth you were a chaste wife of a Bhil tribesman”.
“Once your Husband stole something and you two were imprisoned by the police. They did not even gave any thing to eat and you two remained hungry for nine days. That period was of Navratri and in a way you observed this fast.”
Maa Bhagwati furthur said “That fast pleased me and brought me here today and I am giving you desirable blessing”. Sumati said “Mother, if you are happy with me then cure the leprosy of my husband.”
Maa Bhagwati immediately fulfilled her wishes and made her husband disease free.

Today Begin Durga Pooja Sms

May dis Durga Puja
You all get the happiness
You had longed 4 times..
Happy Durga Puja..!! Enjoy Everyone.

Maago Tomar Charan Sparshe kete jaak
Sakal dukkho shok,
Tomar Mangal-aloke charidik alokito hok !
Subho Durga Puja !

Durga Puja SMS in Hindi : 5
Durga Puja Khushiyo ki Ujalo ki Maa Durga ki.
Aapki zindagi khushiyose bhari ho
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,
Ghar me Maa Durga ka Aagman ho
Happy Durga Puja

Maa durga apko 9 bhujao se
pradan kare
JAI Durga Maa

Shiuli Phuler gandhe keno udas holo mon,
Subhra sital kasher sobhay juralo du nayan,
Agamonir barta boye bajche dhaker sur,
Sharodiyar dingulo hok ananda madhur !
Subho Durga Puja !

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