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Coming Date UNO Day2012

Uno Day is Coming on 24 October 2012.

About UNO Day

U.N.O was established after the end of second world war. The organisation came into being on 24th October 1945. Every year this day is celebrated as U.N.O day throughout the world. The principal organs of the UN are general assembly, Secretarial Council, Trusteeship Council, Economic and Social Council and International Court of Justice. The head quarters of UN is at New York, USA. The official languages of the UN are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. On the flag is the U.N. emblem in white centred on a light blue background. The UN has a post office originating its own stamps. About 53,000 people work in the UN system. Actually the earlier formed organisation at the end of the First World War , League of Nations failed to achieve its aim by 1939 when the Secod World War started. League of Nations could not maintain peace in the world which was supposed to be the main objective of the organisation. During the Second World War many nations had to fae a lot of hardships. Then it was thought that it was very essential to bring all the people of the world united and see that the world peace is achieved and to achieve this aim a new international organisation is to be established. Representatives from about 50 nations met at places and finally in the meeting held at San Francisco from April 25 to June 26, 1945 the Charter was signed by delegates of the 50 nations.
Thus, United Nations, an association of sovereign states bound by a charter to maintain international peace and security came into being. UN is the hope and conscience of the world, more especially of the smaller nations among its 188 members. UN is an association of states which have pledged themselves to maintain international peace and security and co-operation in solving international, political, economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems towards achieving this end. The name 'United Nations' was devised by the United States president Franklin Roosevelt.

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