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Winter Festival Coming Date

Winter Festival is Coming in October 2013 to February.

About Winter Festival

Winter Festival is Coming on Mostly December but this year Starting This Month Octobwer.
A cold winter is the rat of seasons. It always appears and most of us greet it with irritation, contempt, whining, even fear. Shouldn’t be the case. Vancouver‘s showing off winter fun at the Olympics next month, and even away from ski slopes (or luge tracks), some places save their biggest events for the chilliest temperatures of the year.Every year more then three million national and international tourists visit mount abu enjoying its scenic beauty, rich flora & fauna as well as the marble art of Delwara Jain temples.
This three-day colorful festival is organized by the Rajasthan Tourism and Municipal Board of Mt. Abu.
History of the Winter Festival in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The Winter Festival is a result of the joint initiative taken by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and the Municipal Board of Tamil Nadu to attract tourists as well as to give the citizens a break from the monotony of everyday existence.

Winter Festival in  Mount Abu

The winter festival of Mount Abu is a three day long festival that glorifies the beauty and warm heart of this hill station. The celebrations generally start from the RTDC hotel named Shikhar and proceed further through the hill.
Three main ingredients of the Festival that have given it a world platform today are the hospitality of the people, their colorful culture and exotic location. The processions ultimately end at the nakki lake chowk. Followed by the magnanimous procession there are folk songs and dances performed by troupes coming from Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and other nearby states and places.
Along with these cultural activities water sports also form part of the festivities. Rowing competitions are held on the lake. Cricket matches are organized.The grand finale of the festival is made brighter by a display of dazzling fireworks on three days.

How to Reach Mount Abu

By road
Mount Abu is well connected by road with major cities of the country like Delhi, Ajmer, Bundi and Udaipur.Deluxe buses run by the Rajasthan roadways provide comfortable travel fro Jaipur and Abu road to Mount Abu.

By Rail
Abu Road, 28 km from the main city is the nearest railway station. It is well connected by Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai and Jodhpur.

By Air
The nearest airport is Udaipur, which is 185 km away from Mount Abu. There are direct flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur.

Winter Festival Sms2013

Kya aap Jante hai WINTER mein har din
aprox 2 crore gallon water save hota hai.
Ajeeb lag raha hai na per ye sach hai…

Chilghozy Ki Khushbu,
Moongphali Ki Bahar,
Sardi Ka Mausam,
Aany Ko Beqarar,
Thori Si Masti,
Thora Sa Pyaar,
Maflar, Sweeter Rakho Tayyar,
Happy Winter Season Mere Yaar

Mausam Ne Li Angrai,
Aur Humne Orhi Razai,
Ice-Cream se Hui Larrai,
Moongphali Ghar Main Aai,
Cold Drink se Mun Morr Liya,
Coffee Se Nata Jorr Liya,
Happy Winter Season.

Winter, Winter, Everywhere
Shows Its Face, Its Eyes, Its Hair
Winter, Winter, Freezing Cold
Enjoyed By Many, Young And Old.

Summer Is Gone Winter Has Arrived
So Let Go your Worries Put them A Side…
Laugh Out Loud & Smile Wide…
Let Others Listen you Cackles…
Enjoy Life’s Ride.. A New Season Has Begun,
Let Happiness Guide…

Winter Festival Greetings2013

Winter Festival Images