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Labh Pancham2017(Laakheni ,Saubhgya Panchami)-Coming Date Labh Pancham2017-About Labh Pancham-Labh Pancham Sms2017-Labh Pancham Greetings2017-Labh Pancham Pictures-Labh Pancham Scraps2017

Coming Date Labh Pancham2017

Labh Pancham is Coming after Diwali according Gujarati Month Kartik Sud Pancham(Day of Five) and English month  25 October 2017.

About Labh Pancham

Labh Pancham is Known as a  Laakheni Panchami or aubhgya Panchami.This is Diwali fewstival's Last Day.Jains celebrate Pancham or Panchami by worshiping their books and praying for more knowledge. Hindu business men worship Goddess Lakshmi and open their accounts.

'Labh’ means benefit. People today usually wish for material ‘labh’ such as: a good job, good in-laws, riches and so forth. It is believed that works or activities started on Labh Panchami will go ahead successfully without any obstacles.

The scriptures define 'labh' as:

Laabhasteshaam jayasteshaam kutasteshaam paraajayaha,
Yeshaam indeevarashyaam hrudayastho janaardanaha.

Labh Pancham Sms2017

Wish you a happy Labh Pancham...

Labh Pancham Greetings2017
Labh Pancham Pictures
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